Eternal Shadows the Game Line

If I were a game company, I would never announce the breadth of my publication plans this early. It gets people’s hopes up, and it shows your hand. But, I’m not a company and I’m not doing this for profit. So you can see what my current plans are and as they change, things will evolve. I will produce files and release them, perhaps in a different form than what as originally envisioned, but that’s how it goes.

Eternal Shadows
First, is the Eternal Shadows core. it is shaping up to be a complete rules subset with a variety of foes, magic rituals and character abilities for generic horror gaming using Dragon Age box sets. Slasher flick? Yup. Monster movie? Yup. Shades of H.P. Lovecraft’s imagination? Yup. If you’re willing to put in a little effort, this single document is all you need to play almost any sort of horror based scenario. Released

Home Sweet Home
This is an adventure crafted to play test the game. I’ll be providing a cleaned up version with companion PC sheets, convention style. Released

Eternal Shadows World Book
I have had ideas rattling round my skull for an original Horror setting for years. I’ve included various story elements, and antagonists from games I’ve run in the past, and new ideas as well. So this is the cap on the Eternal Shadows core brand. I’ll be working on this after I release the core book, but you can expect it to be released before the Big Book of Nasties.

The Dreaming Lands
This document is my version of a horrible fantasy set in humanity’s shared dreams. It is part of my overall Eternal Shadows world, but can be employed completely on its own. Thus it will have its own volume.

Big Book of Nasties
This is a monster book for horror games. You may have seen the entries scattered about this blog before. My intention is to write all the individual entries on this site as a feature, and then compile them into a single file.

Adventure Anthology
I also hope to release an adventure anthology at some point in the far future, but i am hoping for participation from others for this document.

About Byron D. Molix

I am an information technology professional in Missouri. I've been an avid fan of fantasy and science fiction novels, comic books, pen and paper role-playing games, computer games and console video games for the last two decades. My dream would be to one day make a comfortable living while having the time to pursue writing (novels, rpgs, etc.) as a full-time hobby.

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  1. How far did you take your ideas on this very interesting RPG? 🙂

  2. Unfortunately I didn’t go too far. I’ve released the rulebook, and 2 adventures. I don’t have as much time to spread around my projects these days, and I’m working on more original work so the anachronistic adventures book is probably never going to see the light of day, nor is the worldbook going to come out any time soon. The latter might still come out, but that will depend more on whether or not I run a horror game at my own table or not in the near future.

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