Big Book of Nasties-AGE: Ashen Rictus

These hideous creatures are relatively human looking. The Ashen Rictus, or Sneering Grey, is a lean creature with dull dark grey skin, large black eyes like pools, and a wide mouth filled with sharp canine teeth. The creatures tend to appear in small groups, and will often take the time to smile at passing bystanders as they eat a freshly eviscerated corpse. They won’t leave the corpse until they are somewhat satiated, or are attracted by the outright flight of new prey. They have a hunched posture, which causes them appear to be child sized, but in fact they are not much smaller than an adult human.

An Ashen Rictus on the hunt will often seem to appear out of nowhere, or shift into view after appearing to be a harmless person such as a child, or a homeless man. They seem to have no goals, and seemingly lack the gift of language. However, they do seem to converse using their alien squelching noises at once another, and they will respond to calls from another Rictus engaged in a lengthy fight.

Eternal Shadows:
These creatures are the forerunners of such greater outsiders as Nergal and Ishtar. The former used them to soften up an area he intended to subjugate in ages past. Alternatively, he flooded the city streets with them to prevent late night movement of his treasured people. Ishtar drops a few everywhere its influence is felt because they are a particularly resilient and self-sustaining offspring.

Ashen Rictus (Outsider Servitor)
Abilities (Focuses)
+0 Communication
+0 Constitution (Running)
-1 Cunning
+1 Dexterity (Bite, Stealth)
+2 Magic
+2 Perception (Seeing)
+2 Strength
-1 Will (Morale)
Combat Ratings
Speed 11 Defense 11 Health 20 AR 4 Shock 9
Bite +3, 2d6+2
Favored Stunts: Knock Prone and Latch On.
Dark Sight: Ashen Rictus can’t see color, but they can see in total darkness without penalties.
Delusion Cloak: The Ashen Rictus can go ignored or appear as a harmless being in the scene until it drops the cloak. It does not necessarily look like the same person to all viewers.
Horrifying: Seeing an Ashen Rictus is a Fear trigger with a minimum TN of 13, and result in 1d6+3 Instability damage if failed.
Latch On: If the creature hits a target in melee it can automatically leap on and grapple the target for 3 stunt points.
Tough Hide: Its thick skin protects the Rictus with an Armor Rating of 4.
Wall Crawling: Ashen Rictus can move along any surface that their claws can find purchase in, including crawling along as ceiling.
Weapon Groups: Brawling
Equipment: None

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