Big Book of Nasties-AGE: Coldspawn


Coldspawn appear to be frozen corpses that shamble toward the warmth of living bodies. They shun fires, but they will brave very hot environments to wrap their frozen arms around the body heat they crave so badly. The only real danger comes in their chilling touch, and in their relentless nature.  Coldspawn only stop when they have no way to continue, although actual fire will cause them distressing damage, so they tend to run after a successful attack of that sort.  The creatures like to grapple and then bite their victims when they struggle for freedom.

There is no ulterior motive with these creatures. Cooldspawn are driven by hunger for relief from the biting cold they almost always feel, rather than hunger for sustenance. That means that once a body drops frozen to the ground, the monsters move on to their next victim immediately. This is a bit different from most zombies, or ghouls, which will linger over a fresh corpse if there is nothing drawing their attention. The animating force of a Coldspawn is relatively weak, and significant damage to the body is enough to cause it to dissipate.

Eternal Shadows: Coldspawn are corpses animated by spirits, and filled with an insatiable desire for body warmth. The vast majority of such creatures are deliberately created by sorcerers, and these creatures are loosed upon their unsuspecting rivals. Still, they are not very intelligent, and are so primal that they cannot often be controlled. Many a would-be necromancer has miscalculated and been frozen to death by the walking corpses that huddle just outside the radius of his circle of protection, drawn like moths to flame to his body heat. Most of the spells associated with raising Coldspawn depend on Chemosh’s power.

Coldspawn (Undead)
Abilities (Focuses)
-3 Communication
+3 Constitution (Stamina)
-2 Cunning
+0 Dexterity (Brawling)
+1 Magic
-1 Perception
+2 Strength
+0 Willpower
Combat Ratings
Speed 10, Health 30, Defense 10, AR 4
Bite +0, 2d6+2
Claws +2, 1d6+2
Grapple +2, *
Berserker: Coldspawn are not affected by Shock.
Cold Aura: The noticeable drop in temperature around Coldspawn is detectable in warm climes up to 10 yards away, but only when the creatures approach something within 2 yards does it cause damage. Creatures and objects affected by cold take 1 point of penetrating damage each round they are within 4 yards of the Coldspawn. This damage is canceled if the character has adequate protection against extreme cold temperatures.  However, this also allows it to deal +2 penetrating damage to all melee attacks or to any target it grabs onto. Non-immunity defenses against cold are not effective against the touch attack damage.
Favored Stunts: Disarm and Lightning Attack.
Frozen Flesh: Coldspawn deflect most damage thanks to their frozen flesh, which gives them an Armor Rating of 4.
Mindless Automaton: Coldspawn cannot be scared, and are never called upon to make Fear checks or Morale checks. Furthermore, they gain a +4 bonus to Willpower (Self-Discipline) tests versus supernatural coercion.
Vulnerability: Coldspawn take penetrating damage from fire and suffer +1d6 damage as well. If attacked with fire and wounded, Coldspawn will automatically retreat.
Equipment: N/A


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