Big Book of Nasties-AGE: Bastet


The Bastet are an ancient people supposedly created by the Egyptian Gods in the time of prehistory. They served as priests and warriors for the pharaohs of old. Today, the Bastet inhabit jungles on the outskirts of what was once the Egyptian Empire, and otherworldly planes that are just now being rediscovered.

The typical bastet resembles a fur covered human sporting a tail with the head of a big cat. They are of short to average height, and tend towards a slender build. A common trait of their gaze is that they rarely blink when first encountering strangers, or prey. While their pelts range throughout all big cat morphology in terms of coloration, the most common pelt seen resembles that of the jaguar. There are just as many with grey or solid fur colorations, although black and pale white furs are the most rare.

Eternal Shadows:
The Bastet were created by Tammuz in ancient times, as an amusement. It took humans and mutated them into a new form of creature. They flourished before the dominance of mankind, using their natural gifts to carve a niche from the wilderness for themselves. Mankind sought them out and invited them to participate as the Elite entourage of the Mage-Kings of Egypt in the Golden Era. At that time, they came to worship the god Bast and renamed themselves in her image. During this time period, the being now known as Mithras rose up to protect their place in the world, becoming the agency behind Bast’s Cult’s prayers no matter the race of the worshipper.

The following is a typical member of the race. Other individuals may be stronger hunters or more savvy scouts, or even have ritual spells, or minor relics.

Bastet (Mortal Race)
Abilities (Focuses)
+2 Communication (Persuasion)
+1 Constitution (Running)
+1 Cunning
+3 Dexterity (Stealth)
+1 Magic
+2 Perception
+0 Strength (Claws, Jumping)
+2 Will
Combat Ratings
Speed 15 Defense 13 Health 24 AR 0 Shock 11
Claws +2, 1d6
Short Bow +3, 1d6+3, 25/50 yds
Favored Stunts: Rapid Reload and Skirmish.
Night Vision: Bastet lower low light and darkness penalties by 1.
Talents: Scouting (Novice)
Weapon Groups: Bows, Brawling, Light Blades
Equipment: Short Bow, Arrows

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