Big Book of Nasties-AGE: Relentless Ravager

A Relentless Ravager is a demon that hunts mortals or greater prey. It considers itself honorable, and thus will not use all of its netherworld powers on its subject, only its raw skill and sinew and a handful of weapons it carries: a huge, curved blade it wields one-handed, and darts carrying adrenalin activated paralytic poison it brews by hand in the underworld a few days before the hunt.

When facing supernatural creatures, they have been known to utilize more of their unearthly powers. It will give up the hunt if the victim escapes it for 48 hours, or defeats it in battle (with the demon taking 10 or more damage to its body over the course of the hunt). Like all demons they are vulnerable to exorcism and refuse to enter what is considered holy ground as a point of honor (but time spent in such sanctuary is just a suspension of the hunt, so it will be there when the subject leaves). Ravagers are often powerful demons in their own domains, and are most certainly not killable by a lone mortal in combat using conventional weaponry. Their manifesting bodies will often disappear in wisps of smoke if enough damage is done to kill them normally.

Eternal Shadows: Ravagers are exceedingly rare in the world of Eternal Shadows, primarily because corporeal demons are by definition extremely powerful and low in number. In this setting, ignore the Spells line unless they face a spellcaster. Instead, they have the ability to mimic any supernatural manifestation their foe does unless that foe is itself and Elder Being or an Outer God. There may actually only be one or two, which have given form to the name of hunting gods and bounty chaser demigods in the distant past.

Relentless Ravager (Demon)
Abilities (Focuses)
+5 Communication (Deception)
+5 Constitution
+3 Cunning
+5 Dexterity (Brawling, Initiative, Stealth)
+6 Magic
+5 Perception (Tracking)
+7 Strength (Archaic Weapons, Climbing, Might)
+6 Willpower (Courage, Morale)
Combat Ratings
Speed 17, Health 40, Defense 15, AR: 4
Claws +7, 1d6+7
Falchion +9, 3d6+7
Darts +5, 5 damage*
Berserker: The ravager is immune to Shock.
Favored Stunts: Skirmish and Taunt.
Poisoned Darts: The ravager keeps 3 darts on its person that it throws at targets. If they inflict even the slightest damage they inject poison into the target’s bloodstream. Those affected must make a Constitution (Stamina) test versus TN 14. Success means that the target suffers a -1 to all Physical actions and a -3 penalty to Speed for the remainder of the combat. Failure however paralyzes the target for 1d2 rounds, after which they suffer the other effects for the rest of the scene. Any time the target faces the Ravager or a fight or flight situation for the next 24 hours, they must test anew with the same results. Success ends the threat for the rest of the day unless they are hit with another dart. It is possible to treat the poison by making a TN 16 Cunning (Medicine) test, penalized for lack of proper materials. The poison runs its course after 24 hours have passed without reintroduction of the toxin.
Spells: Ravagers have moderate mystic powers, enough to enact combat spells with its Magic as both the Casting attribute and for Strain resistance, and as the base for its Spellpower. Cast: +6, Spellpower 16, Resist Strain +6
Thick Skin: The Ravager is a hulking brute with layers of thick skin that protects it from weak blows.
Weapon Groups: Archaic Weapons, Brawling, Claws, Thrown Weapons
Equipment: Darts, Falchion


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