General Update

I’ve been working on several projects, not all of them role-playing related over the last few months, and as only one of them is near final form, I’ve just been biding my time. So I’ve decided that I may as well finalize the Adversary Compendium, and release that ASAP, without the appendix I have been working on. So look forward to that within the next few weeks.

I want to make it clear that I am still working on all my projects, but of course I get distracted like anybody else hit with inspiration (a.k.a. shiny things). I know my own personality well enough to know that that means you might get a full setting conversion before you get an adventure block. So I’m saying this now. Perhaps my interest comes in waves, so we’ll see what occurs next. Also, as I’m doing these in my spare time and my day job has been particularly hectic since October, this isn’t too surprising to me.


About Byron D. Molix

I am an information technology professional in Missouri. I've been an avid fan of fantasy and science fiction novels, comic books, pen and paper role-playing games, computer games and console video games for the last two decades. My dream would be to one day make a comfortable living while having the time to pursue writing (novels, rpgs, etc.) as a full-time hobby.

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