These Idyllic States: Dr. Odd, Portrait of a Mad Man

Dr. Odd

History: Dr. Abraham Odd, PhD. is an American by birth, raised in the state of New York, and was exposed to higher learning at a young age when he toured the greatest universities in the country with his father, Nicholas Odd. Nicholas was a gentleman, but his fortune was failing. He saw a means by which his bright son, Abraham, might resurrect the family name and fortune.

By the age of 16, Abraham was enrolled in prestigious Yale, and by 17 he had transferred to Harvard, and then ending up finishing school at Cambridge in 1855 at the age of 22. Something about his travels abroad inspired Abraham, and the young man took up a teaching position at the University of Rochester. In 1863, he became the center of a media circus, as he revealed that he had discovered a method by which tuberculosis could be made dormant in infectious subjects.

This discovery put the young professor on the tip of everyone’s tongue, and it was dubbed Odd’s Epidemic Ending Treatment. However, it was in 1866, as the good doctor’s experiments truly took off, that he made a different name for himself. Agents of the Service had followed a tip that numerous bodies had gone missing throughout the area. When people began claiming that the walking dead had overrun a small town, the Service Men went in and sorted out the invasion. The trail of bodies lead back to Dr. Odd’s University laboratories, and when the good doctor was discovered shoving the body of a struggling student into a vat of chemicals, they attacked.

Dr. Odd was too quick for them however, and he escaped out into the raging blizzard outside. At that time, he was a sought after man, but his threat appeared ended. It was only a few months later however that stories in Canada turned up of savage wolves roaming the wilds, and the Service went to investigate at the Canadian government’s request. The savage creatures surrounded a remote installation which housed more advanced, more cognizant forms of Dr. Odd’s Lazarus Men, and he was confronted once again only lose him again in a fire the Doctor himself set! It has been 3 years and nobody has heard from Dr. Odd, the most famous as well as most notorious researcher in the Americas.

Appearance: Dr. Odd normally sports a very casual and relaxed expression, showing a certain amount of etiquette training and politeness. When provoked, he can be a driven foe, and will not hesitate to strangle, shoot or otherwise incapacitate those he chooses as subjects or those who get in his way. In all other ways he appears to be a common university professor, sporting dress clothes fitting his position, and a respectable hair style. The man is rather nondescript beyond that, and would most likely go completely unnoticed even in the busiest of large cities except for his world famous name and numerous front page exposés.

Motivation & Use: Dr. Abraham Odd is driven by a desire to know things. Once inspired by even the simplest of queries or suppositions he will chase an unknown answer to the ends of the Earth. There isn’t much in the way of common scientific knowledge that he finds stimulating, but when his father passed away, he wondered if it would be possible to resurrect him with his faculties intact. He has since mastered a technique to give life to corpses, but it does not necessarily bring their mind back with personality intact. So he has abandoned that as a fool’s errand. He’s solved the question. Now it doesn’t matter if he can raise an army. He only wanted to answer the question. So think of a question on the fringe of human knowledge, and break it down into the most horrific expression of the scientific method you can think of. That is the path that Dr. Odd will pursue until he has an answer.

Minions & Lieutenants: Dr. Odd guards his facilities with successful and failed experiments. The Canadian wilderness facility was guarded on the outside by a pack of warwolves, with a big alpha, and the interior was populated with numerous Lazarus Men, of all three of the common grades: Mark I through Mark III. If he sets up shop in the rainforest, you can bet some of the plant life will have been mutated into something deadly, or perhaps a species of ant will be modified to become traps for interlopers. He always has something on hand to fight for him, and is prepared enough that catching him in a situation where he is truly alone in unfamiliar territory is often impossible.

Savage Worlds Statistics
Dr. Abraham Odd WC
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d12, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Driving d6, Fighting d6, Healing d10, Knowledge: Biology d8, Knowledge: Biochemistry d10, Knowledge: Radiation d6, Lockpicking d6, Notice d8, Persuasion d8, Repair d8, Shooting d8, Swimming d6
Pace: 6″, Parry: 5, Toughness: 5
Gear: Revolver Range: 12/24/48, Damage: 2d6+1, RoF: 1, 6 shots; Scalpel d6+d4
Special Abilities:

  • Jack-Of-All-Trades: Dr. Odd rolls d4 for unskilled rolls
  • Level Headed: Dr. Odd picks 2 cards for initiative, and chooses the best one.
  • Scholar: Dr. Odd has a +2 bonus on Biology, and Biochemistry Knowledge skill rolls.

Notes: Dr. Odd is a distracted mastermind type. He often escapes to menace society yet again, but in a straight up fight, he’s easy to corral and capture or kill. Use thugs and bennies to good effect to get him out of sight as soon as things go south. He always has an escape route, and is good at improvisation if need be.

About Byron D. Molix

I am an information technology professional in Missouri. I've been an avid fan of fantasy and science fiction novels, comic books, pen and paper role-playing games, computer games and console video games for the last two decades. My dream would be to one day make a comfortable living while having the time to pursue writing (novels, rpgs, etc.) as a full-time hobby.

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