Ascension Agenda: The Evolved

The Alpha Corporation hides the Evolved better than any government coverup ever could.

The Evolved
In the deadlock of the cold war, an aspect of the soviet government began earnestly researching the abilities of the mind. They were especially motivated with the publicized demonstrations of Uri Geller. The KGB funded the initiative and when the populations of the Soviet states were scoured for those with ability and less than one hundred people were found, they turned to other means. These means included kidnapping those who professed gifts, experimental drug cocktails injected into supposed psychics and normal people as controls, and torturing those with ability to obtain more potent responses. They didn’t care about the subjects because they thought they could unravel the way to gift these abilities to anyone of their choosing. Thousands of lives were ruined in the decade long program that ended in 1979.

By this time the CIA had gotten wind of the KGB program and from 1972 on began a program of their own. They had fewer successes, but managed to find about three hundred subjects who claimed to have power and when put on the spot were seemingly capable of feats of intuition or generating unusual occurrences. Not a single one of these individuals was capable of anything large scale, but the US program did not engage in barbaric practices to bring out more identifiable success. The program was disbanded in 1984 when the lead researcher filed a report that “It is obvious that the untapped power of human mental potential exists. However, it is impossible to control, predict or channel in any meaningful endeavor. Aside from pure chance, there is no way that any of our allies or enemies will discover a human super-weapon, and thus we have no further need to fund this secret research program.”

That’s when things went weird. Three of the US program participants used their meager gifts to play the stock market. They became millionaires within a year, and turned around and funneled that money into joint investments governed by more mundane choices. They made it their eventual goal to find others like themselves and encourage their development. As they were subjects of the program report they knew what the doctors knew. This was something that was evolving in humanity, and not something that could be forced into manifestation in random individuals. When the last and greatest success of the soviet program fled the country for the West, they found themselves a catalyst. It took little time for all four of them to meet, and the foreigner, known only as Alpha, was extremely passionate that nobody in his position should ever be made to suffer such tortures again. The only way they could do that would be to secretly test for evolving children, and protect them from exploitation. When they grew old enough they would be approached for recruitment to continue the work, until such time as the Evolved could become public as the next stage of human evolution.

Today, the Evolved are on the cusp of needing to reveal themselves. Incidents that cannot be explained are happening to pre-teens and teenagers with enough frequency that non-tabloid papers and blogs report on them. The average citizen doesn’t know that psychic powers are real, but it is becoming more and more unlikely that people can ignore the crackpot philosophy for much longer.

Global Resources:
The Evolved are a group with vast monetary resources, starting with their investments in the 70s, the group has amassed a large collective private fortune. It functions like a government agency with all of the bureaucracy left out, but presents itself to the world as a corporation with numerous interests in technology, power production and select investment in products. While it lacks direct political power, Alpha Corporation is one of the largest obscure corporations on the planet. In terms of man power it employs thousands of ordinary people, only some of whom are in the know, and hundreds of Evolved humans, mostly in field positions.

Hiding behind the shelter of Alpha Corporation, the Evolved do not have a symbol of their own. The Alpha Corporation logo is simply that of the lowercase greek Letter dead center of an upwards pointed triangle.

Your Role:
There are three main roles that PCs can play for this organization: Management, Operative and Bodyguard. Operatives are persons with quantifiable mental abilities. They are tasked by the organization with the procurement of goals and the editing of information when required. Often an operative has few high ranked worldly skills as they have been training at a highly motivated pace to become skilled in the use of their gifts. Bodyguards are the combat specialists who are often assigned to work with operatives in a protective capacity. Bodyguards can sometimes undertake pure combat focused missions such as target extraction or assassination missions, but their primary role is protector of the less combat savvy operatives. Management are those who through use of their own resources, or long service call the shots for the field teams of the Evolved. These individuals often have a long history of service or common goals before being allowed to plan and execute missions for the organization. While most operatives and bodyguards are on the payroll of Alpha Corporation, almost all members of Management are tied in deep as division supervisors or heads.

Mission Types & Goals:
The Evolved often undertake missions to find new recruits, save those under suspicion or observation by other powers, steal research or kidnap scientists and technology related to their agenda, and perform missions to give setbacks to the other factions. They also use their operatives to meddle in the affairs of companies and governments worldwide and to acquire more wealth for themselves as operating funds.

Alpha Corporation has a substantial amount of money and thus their field teams have a substantial choice in equipment, being everything from hard to acquire scientific study machinery to expensive, but still legal, firearms. Bodyguards often have their pick of semi-automatic pistols, and rifles, and whenever an assassination is required, an appropriate military grade weapon is acquired and its existence erased. Money does quite a bit in the procurement of equipment, and if necessary the anonymization of its users and origins.


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