Ascension Agenda: Ubermen

A higher order of man born in labs, and ruling from the shadows.

The Ubermen
The Ubermen were created in top secret laboratories scattered across the world. Test subjects were engineered, born and weaned in batches. Those that surpassed expectations were eventually grouped together at the adolescent stage and given training. Those at the head of the project were astonished to see their pupils flourishing at all assigned tasks, gaining academic accolades and accomplishments years ahead of their time. Nothing more than this was a concern to them. When the first child achieved the knowledge required for a medical degree by age 17, it was dismissed as fulfilling potential. When the first child to qualify for a doctoral degree turned out to be only 14 years old they began to take notice. Given that the majority of the children could only be described as a year or two ahead of their age groups these were seen as flukes. That is until one of the 12 year olds broke their handler’s ribs, knocked them out and vanished into the night. Within two days time, the remainder of the groups of engineered children also vanished, and this despite heightened security and sweep teams still looking for the first runaway. That was five years ago, and now it is feared that the children have continued the project in order to supplant humanity’s control of the world.

Global Resources:
The Ubermen have money, and political power, but they have gathered all of it in secret, thus they don’t throw either around needlessly. Name any agency of consequence in the free world and there is an uberman hidden in the infrastructure or watching it closely from nearby.

The Ubermen do not use visual symbols. Those could be recognized by outsiders. Instead, most of them will instead drop key words and or phrases into conversation to identify themselves in unknown areas where they expect backup. These conversations can be several paragraphs long, but they have trained themselves to subconsciously recognize even an entire speech littered with such code upon utterance of the last required syllable. This system is so advanced that a speech writer or blogger can slip slightly different code into the text which means that the author, not the speaker or the site manager is the operative. Of course, about a tenth of the total number is known visually to each other, as they are often raised together as well.

Your Role:
The only role available to PCs in this faction during a normal campaign is as a newly trained or experienced Uberman. Normal humans are not trusted out of the sight of an Uberman, and the original scientists who were originally kidnapped when the children went rogue are either more highly watched than other human servants, or dead. They certainly don’t go into the field. If the GM agrees, a human operative could be allowed, but these would not outnumber Ubermen PCs, and they would have little autonomy.

Mission Types & Goals:
Most Ubermen are sleeper agents, watching and waiting until told what to do by their older brothers and sisters. They have standing orders to report any developments that are of particular interest to the collective itself, or brings them closer to discovery by authorities, either in the know or in the dark. Most PC cells groups have particular missions. For the Ubermen to put together a team and keep it together past the first foray into the field, there needs to be an overarching goal. Most of these missions are elimination missions, but sometimes a person or technology is kidnapped or stolen instead. PC cells are often housed at a safe house, or a cadre of safe houses, and are not normally dispersed until well after the series of jobs is done.

Ubermen have access to military hardware and top secret or highly protected scientific gear, but in their roles as sleepers, they use only what their role calls for. For example, an Uberman in place as a junior lawyer at a prestigious firm won’t even carry a weapon. Ubermen live their roles, so only a strike team is likely to have access to anything resembling a dangerous weapon. Such groups disappear into the night after their work is done, so they don’t have to worry about blowing their cover.

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I am an information technology professional in Missouri. I've been an avid fan of fantasy and science fiction novels, comic books, pen and paper role-playing games, computer games and console video games for the last two decades. My dream would be to one day make a comfortable living while having the time to pursue writing (novels, rpgs, etc.) as a full-time hobby.

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