9 Worlds Project: The Unknowns

9 Worlds Project LogoSince I’ve gotten much further with the underlying engine, it makes sense to resume posting setting info once again. To recap, each of the 9 Worlds corresponds to one of the branches of Yggdrasil in a metaphorical way. For example, Broken Trust corresponds to Hel, These Idyllic States to Midgard and Ascension Agenda corresponds to Asgard.

Here are the settings you haven’t seen anything about:

Space Patrol
Retro Futurist Space Opera
The people of Earth have mastered interstellar space travel and have explored, made contact with other races and settled great swaths of the night sky visible from Earth. However, not every contact with an alien race is beneficial, so then it’s up to the brave souls of the Space Patrol to live up to their motto of Protecting and Defending Humanity Throughout the Galaxy!

I drew inspiration for this setting from the Buck Rodgers TV Show, a slew of comic books I’ve read over the years and of course Star Trek, especially the more recent movies as well as the Original Series. It’s one part rayguns and daring do, and another intrigues versus traitors from within EarthGov or the Space Patrol itself. Bug Eyed Monsters, Vicious Inhuman Aliens, Noble Savage Alien Allies, Space Explorers and Super-Carriers, the whole gamut of optimistic space opera in a theatre of budding or open war.

Empire Building Fantasy
I wrote the original campaign from which Urlann sprang as a response to too much Tolkienesque fantasy. I wanted long-lived magical creatures that were anything but elves, and an oppressive, or single-minded religious empire at war with these “demonic” creatures and seeking to solidfy their hold on the continent itself.

So in Urlann, magic is not everywhere. In fact, it comes from the gods, (powerful spirits that humans and other mortals can learn to channel), nature spirits, and from living Lenthi blood. In specific, if you have the proper ancestry secular magic is available to you. If that ancestry is close to the surface, then you have an unpredictable, uncodifiable swell of power that responds to your emotions as much as your desire and concentration. This inhuman lineage, and inability to easily quantify and control this power has set the Holy Empire of Urlann to purging such people from their domains, and to conquer other territories and purge the demons from those places as well.

Very few nations of this world are allied with one another, and each ruling group has its own political issues and goals. Thus, you end up with a complex milieu in which to adventure, or in which to attempt to change the world.

Dreams of Thyrlea
Planetary Romance Space Opera
There is a world in which disparate alien peoples vie for control of the world using raw physical prowess as well as super-science, both rediscovered and newly invented, to carry out their goals. Into this mix are thrown humans from Earth, who arrive in their dreams and discover a world both more savage than their bleakest nightmares and more advanced than their wildest dreams.

This world is inspired in nearly equal parts by the worlds of Flash Gordon and Barsoom. There is enough detail to play an entire party of native peoples, a group of humans plucked from various places in space and time, or a combination of the two. In this dangerous world of high technology and high stakes intrigue exist warring peoples such as the Empire of Emen, most powerful nation in the Twelves Worlds, but sinister threats, such as the Masters of Thyrlea, lurk in the shadows.

Epic of the Immortal Throne
Mythic Alternate History
This alternate take on a Roman Empire at the height of its expansionist history is meant to encourage giants among men. Each player character is a powerhouse, and given duties and challenges that will see that their names are carved into the annals of history. This is a rich fantasy world of pre-medieval Europe, in which humans exist side by side with other races descended from giants, the fey folk and even the remnants of Atlantis.

This means that there is a rich history of lost peoples and hidden fey to discover along with the plots facing an Empire just on the cusp of hegemony or decline. This magical influence extends to an included magic system unique to this world, with traditions and powers more in line with what ancient men thought possible by wizards and priests.

Midnight Men
Dark Pulp Action Drama
Midnight Men is a setting of roaring automobiles, tommy guns, blazing .45s and harsh justice in a city without much hope for a reprieve from darkness. Beacon City is hopeful in name only, having become an intersection of criminal gangs fighting for control of the streets, the waterways, and city hall. Into this dark city have emerged mystery men with strong convictions, and unshakable ideals of justice. These vigilantes are men and women willing to do whatever it takes to clean things up, including declaring war on the criminal elements until only decent people are left in the city.

Midnight Men is set in the 50s, and inspired by noir classics and gangster films. It offers a twist on the normal pulp action dramas of the 30s. Where most of the settings have some built-in plot threads which are there to guide play, Midnight Men is a sandbox setting, with everything you need to take the fight in whatever direction your players decide as the vigilantes begin their battle against hypocrisy and corruption as well as evil sociopaths.

Extinction Code
Far Future Sci-Fi
Extinction Code is set in a future where humanity has been to or colonized almost every star visible from Earth, and they have discovered numerous alien species and integrated or made peaceful contact with them. However, one alien threat looms on the horizon, an uncommunicative and unyielding cruel race that appears to see humanity as insects infesting the cosmos. It has come to the attention of a few scholars that this enemy is searching for a powerful artifact which could effectively eradicate an entire species throughout the universe. This Extinction Code must be found by humanity first, or all of humanity is doomed!

About Byron D. Molix

I am an information technology professional in Missouri. I've been an avid fan of fantasy and science fiction novels, comic books, pen and paper role-playing games, computer games and console video games for the last two decades. My dream would be to one day make a comfortable living while having the time to pursue writing (novels, rpgs, etc.) as a full-time hobby.

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