Broken Trust: The Map

So, with the advent of demonic occupation or destruction of major sections of the world, one would wonder what the world looks like now. Well, North America is divided up into roughly 7 territories, and the rest is wilderness. Every time humans grouped together and created a New Hope, Refuge or Bastion they were targeted, often within a month of the fortifications being finalized. Then the fort fell and the survivors were scattered to the winds yet again. Each Demon Overlord holds one of these territories, they rarely travel far outside of them and they aren’t partial to sharing as a rule, but they are demons so this is more a careful observation rather than predictable behavior. We know a few of the names the demons call these Hells on Earth, but not all because very few of the overlords deign to speak to the cattle they keep around. Instead we either call them what they were known as before, or we renamed them.

Map of North America showing demon controlled territories

Mammon rules the West Coast, but just the coast, which he calls Dreamland. Technically his control extends up into Washington, but he rarely leaves Tinseltown, his capital. Believe me, this is his appellation, not ours. Tinseltown encompasses most of Los Angeles except the eastern and northern outskirts. Humans are actually welcome to continue living in, or settling down in his domain. The only thing you need to do is make a deal with the local official, always a collector or deceiver, who stops by the neighborhood every week or so. You can even get running water and electricity in Tinseltown. Those who accept the deal are treated to a standard of life which hasn’t been readily possible since the invasion.

What is the deal? Nobody knows. You get the offer, which is always some kind of sacrifice, and if you accept you can remember the details but can’t tell anybody else. If you refuse, the details of the deal vanish from your mind, and you are now fair game for the more physical demons roaming the area. Life in Dreamland, Tonseltown especially, is an illusion of normality. Mammon gives monthly, or even weekly or daily addresses, depending on how vain or angry he’s feeling at the moment. During one of his addresses, every TV in town turns on and shows his message. The rest of the time it shows old movies, and syndicated television shows. The pattern of programming is different for each household, so the only predictable entertainment is the speeches of the demon in charge. Outside of Tinseltown, life can be harsh, but not exactly unbearable. Any lost soul who makes the deal has protection for their household. That is nominal protection. It doesn’t stop you from screwing yourself by making a lesser deal with a peon deceiver, or falling into bed with an incubus. It basically means that you won’t get eaten by a chaser or have your home destroyed by a big ugly, if you keep your head down. Mammon always has the option to torment or kill any of his subjects, and some of the addresses are all about making an example out of some pour soul.

Chicagoland and the Great Bleak North
Mephistopheles rules the central north, including Chicagoland, and on up into Canada. His domain is a series of harsh citiscapes and open expanses of untouched terrain. The ‘burbs are where most people huddle, but the urban sprawl is still inhabited, and that’s why his roving bands of chasers run freely through the streets of south Chicago and his bruisers roam through the rest of the area. There aren’t any birds left in the windy city because of the darkwings, so all in all, it’s a bleak urban nightmare, a canyon made up of barely intact skyscrapers and boulevards littered with garbage and corpses. Mephistopheles often ventures forth to make deals, and offer favors to the weak humans in his abode, but he doesn’t rule them outright. The conditions make all too many turn on their fellow man in order to survive or get revenge. Compassion is something of an unknown quality to the people of Chicagoland. The rest of the Great Bleak North is nothing but pockets of civilization with regular bands of chasers or big uglies traveling throughout.

Xanadu aka Lost Vegas
Asmodeus rules Vegas, and just Vegas from what we’re able to tell, but Las Vegas has been expanded magically to cover most of southern Nevada. It’s actually more like walking through downtown LA than the strip of Casinos and random sprawl neighborhoods of the past. Asmodeus likes happy citizens, so his lost souls have little fear of being killed violently. In fact, its said that anybody indulging in carnal pleasures or even base desires inside the city limits is giving up a little bit of an offering to Asmodeus. The occasional soul goes missing after walking into the Xanadu Casino, Asmodeus’ dark pleasure palace from which the city gets its name, but if he’s anything like a regular incubus, you can’t say they died unhappy. Life in Lost Vegas is odd. There are flashing lights, neon signs and all the other trappings of a giant red light district rolled together with a casino, but there isn’t any electricity. Instead everything runs on magic, and the only people that seem to get targeted inside the city limits are those who refuse to play ball. Teetotalling bible thumpers who don’t have sex, don’t gamble and don’t carouse are targets. Every once in a while a revival preacher shows up haranguing the populace about living in Sodom & Gamorrah. They usually disappear quickly though.

The Great Infernal Desert
Shaitan supposedly rules the Southwest, including New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Mexico itself. Nobody knows this for sure though because it’s a mess of chaos. Shaitan certainly doesn’t make appearances that aren’t the preamble to massive destruction, and he doesn’t hold court. What few humans still try to live in that area exist in pockets and hide or fight back and then hide. We just call it the Infernal Desert.

The Heartland
We think Beelzebub rules the Midwest, since there are hundreds of thousands of lost souls tilling fields in that area, and supposedly those who can’t eke out a bountiful crop for their lord have to offer up something else, a child or themselves if they aren’t lucky. That fits the prince of Gluttony pretty well, so life in the Middle Territory, which includes parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois and Ohio, seems pretty stable. Unfortunately most everybody gets wheat plague or locusts that they can’t deal with, so there will be a lot of bitter offerings come harvest time.

The Rotten Apple
Leviathan rules New York, which strangely enough operates like a city is expected to. There isn’t the illusion of normality of Tinseltown and greater Los Angeles. There isn’t the quiet fiefdom of the Middle Territory, or the desperate fear inducing tone of Mephistoland. If you didn’t know it was impossible, you’d never guess New York was claimed. The Big Apple is also the only beacon of normality on the entire northeast coast. New England is a wasteland, and the people in the city don’t venture outside of it. New Jersey was used as an example of those who defy Leviathan’s will, and it went up in so many flames that the soot choked Manhattan for a week. Nobody knows what, if anything, Jersey did to Leviathan. There is one building in the city you don’t go into, that is the Empire State Building, also known as Leviathan’s throne room. You can almost live a decent life in the city if you obey that simple rule and get home well before dark.

Dystopia World
The last overlord claims Disney World. That is, Belphegor claimed Orlando, somehow expanded the park to fill the entire city limits, and now it’s a nightmare world of tense people with fake smiles plastered on their faces. The entire thing seems very still, with no real laughter, but its not allowed to be perfectly quiet either. See, Belphegor sometimes makes an appearance, usually as a small child, on the streets of the grand amusement park. From there, he sometimes takes a liking to something, or someone. That person or thing is then claimed, gone, stolen. Nobody really knows where, but it’s assumed that he’s got a showroom inside the Magic Kingdom Castle and it’s littered with figurines.

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