Adventure Trove: Combat 102

Armed with the simplest tick system I could devise, I forged ahead with making meaningful combat maneuvers. So that’s today’s topic, as well as describing how hits and damage work. It’s gonna be a long article, so hold on for the ride.

Arcing Strike
AC: 4, TN: Varies, Close Combat. You may attack all adjacent enemies in a single 180* arc from your position. You roll only once, and those enemies whose Dodge or Parry totals are less than your attack total are hit. The TN is 1 plus 1 per 2 opponents. Normally this is 2 for a 90* arc, and 3 for a full 180* arc.

AC: 2, TN: Varies, Close/Ranged Combat. You do not do damage on a hit, but instead cause the opponent to lose their grip on whatever they are holding which is flung in a random direction. If you have 2 or more extra successes, you can choose the direction the item goes in. The normal TN is 2 for Close Combat, and 3 for Ranged Combat.

Fast Strike
AC: 2, TN: 1, Close Combat. You do a basic attack to your chosen foe suffering a -1D penalty for haste.

Measured Shot
AC: 4, TN: 2, Ranged Combat. You aim before firing gaining a +1D bonus, and deal +3 Damage to the target if you hit.

Quick Shot
AC: 2, TN: 2, Ranged Combat. You aim a basic attack at your chosen foe.

Strong Strike
AC: 4, TN: 1, Close Combat. You prepare and follow through with a strong attack, dealing +3 Damage to the target if you hit.

I’ve omitted about 6 more maneuvers, but these are the principle 4 attacks, and two other maneuvers which boast higher TNs. In Adventure Trove, you can attempt a harder than normal maneuver at any time. You only succeed however if you best the opponent’s defensive reaction and score the required number of successes. It is thus much easier to shoot even a lowly minion than to disarm him at range. This only really comes into play when the target’s TN (or reaction result) is lower than the maneuver difficulty.

So how do you attack someone in general? It depends on what type of weapon you use. Characters attacking with a finesse weapon like a knife depend upon Quickness, while those using a martial weapon such as an axe use Dexterity, ranged weapons depend upon Acuity, and crushing weapons such as clubs depend upon Muscle. Unarmed Combat is the only form of attack which can be either Muscle or Dexterity based, but even that can’t change back and forth every adventure. These are inherent to the type of weapon they are, and how you use one properly. There is no need to devote traits to learning how to take advantage of a finesse or crushing weapon’s attack mode. Both Dexterity and Quickness are aspects of Agility, but it is quite easy for a character to have one higher than the other. So you add the correct aspect and your skill rank to determine your dice pool. You roll your dice, adjust for any modifiers, and count up successes.

The enemy rolls either Quickness + Athletics or Acrobatics if they are dodging, or Dexterity or Muscle + Weapons if they are parrying. Alternatively, the opponent’s Half Value for these pools (minus 1 if the character isn’t skilled or familiar) serves as a TN. This is what all minions use. They do not roll to defend against attacks. Your total, minus the enemy’s total determines if you hit or not. Essentially if you have 0 or more successes left after this calculation you hit. For every success you have but did not need to hit the target, you add 1 to your damage.

Every character has a figured characteristics called Defense, which armor adds to. Whenever a character suffers a hit in combat, the total damage is compared to their Defense. For all characters, the comparison yields a type of wound (Bruise, Injury, Wound or Critical), unless it is so far below their Defense that it bounces off.

Each character has a track with a number of wounds of each type on the track. If your wound track is full of the type of wound you just suffered, it stages up to the next highest type of damage. The difference between a full blown character and a minion is that minions cannot accept more than 1 type of wound of each tier, even though they ignore Bruise results outright for the purposes of speed of play.

Damage Comparison Wound Type
X < Defense / 2 None
X < Defense Bruise
X >= Defense Injury
X >= Defense + 3 Wound
X >= Defense + 6 Critical
X >= Defense + 9 Dying

For an enemy with Defense 6, this means that if you do 3 or less damage, it is ignored. If you do 4-5 damage it deals a Bruise. However, if you do 6-8 damage it is an Injury, 9-11 is a Wound, and  12 or more is a critical. Minions aren’t functional if they have taken a critical wound. This is counterbalanced by ignoring  Bruise results, so if your damage total isn’t at least as high as the target’s Defense, a minion shrugs it off as a bad hit.

I should point out that Defense 6 in a minion is a fairly good value. Named characters can accept 2 bruises, 2 injuries, 2 wounds and 1 critical before succumbing to their wounds. Most unimportant humanoids won’t have Defense scores around this rating unless they wear the best armor available. Lastly, you should remember that the Strong Strike maneuver adds 3 damage to a hit, so if your chances of hitting such a target with Defense 6 are decent, you can assume that you could hit them with less attacks to put them out. This is because a Strong Strike is going to result in a higher stage of damage than a Fast Strike, every time.

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