Adventure Trove: Birthrights 102

Each of the elements has a theme of manifestation when it comes to elemental talents. Today I am going to show some of the powers of the Red and Green Elements. While the Red Element encompasses fire and flame, it also manifests as lightning and has the theme of energy. The Green Element is all about plants, but its theme is also the acceleration or circumvention of time. Briefly, the themes of the other elements are Yellow (Eternal Form), Blue (Chaos in Nature), Black (Deception and Decay) and White (Life and Truth).

So the basic power of the Red Element is Heat Resistance

Heat Resistance (Passive)
AC: 0, TN: 0
Range: Self
Duration: Permanent
Requirements: Red Birthright
The character is acclimated to life in hot environs, and does not suffer fatigue or impairment penalties or checks for traveling through deserts, near active volcanos, etc. This provides only marginal protection from actual flame damage manifesting as 1 Armor versus Fire damage.

A more advanced power is….

Fire Wings (Passive)
AC: 0, TN: 0
Range: Self
Duration: Instant
Requirements: Red Birthright, Gather Power
Whenever the character makes a jump their body is propelled with the power of flame and the energy of lightning. This provides them a bonus success on the roll. As an AC 0 action the character may make a Resolve-Discipline roll to push this gift when it activates. The TN for this is 3, and if successful the character also gets to add their Discipline rank to their die pool. When used in a chase, this provides a bonus success to Speed tests as long as the environment does not make such mobility a liability.

As you can see, even some of the passive abilities can be concentrated upon by the character to enhance them. Gather Power is an active ability which allows the user to summon their element. It doesn’t necessarily allow for flashy attacks, but you can imagine what a creative individual could do with the ability to summon tiny to gargantuan balls of flame to their hands. Fire Wings is a power which enhances the user’s movement. Most elements include a movement centric power, although the scale varies greatly. The Red movement power is useful for combat, chases and environmental challenges. The black movement power is a form of teleportation. This is the Green movement power:

Traveling (Active)
AC: Ritual (2 minutes), TN: 4
Range: Short
Duration: Concentration
Requirements: Green Birthright, Gather Power
The character and their immediate companions can cover up to six times as much ground traveling through the wilderness in one day. This applies on roads, but not through towns or other settlements. For every hour you sustain this power, you raise the TN of the eventual fatigue check by 1, starting at 0 for the first hour. Those under the effects of this talent are not visible to those outside the effect unless they come to a halt. To one another they appear to be moving at normal rate, but the environment shifts as if in a dream, changing landscape rapidly but not fluidly as they walk or ride.

Another power Green mages have access to is useful for gathering information:

Wooden Eye (Active)
AC: 2, TN: Varies (2-4)
Range: Long
Duration: Concentration
Requirements: Green Birthright, Gather Power
The character generates an oculus out of a flowering plant somewhere within long range. While the Oculus exists the character can both see and hear events there, and feel vibrations as well, so if whatever is moving through the area is shaking the ground, it can be felt. Most importantly, the character can originate talents from the vicinity of the oculus. The Oculus is unobtrusive, and the head falls off the stem once the power is canceled. This power can be used more than once, but it gives a cumulative -1D distraction penalty per sustained oculus. The TN begins at 2 for areas the character is familiar with, and doubles to 4 for the nearest plant in an unfamiliar area.

As mentioned in Traveling, there is often fatigue associated with using these talents. While there is a threat of backlash for using sorcery and failing, there is no penalty for failure here. Instead, everything you attempt has the potential to cause fatigue. Unless a character makes a concerted attempt to produce something stunning with their power, this comes due near the end or at the end of a scene. Sometimes the game master may call for a fatigue check in the midst of combat because it would heighten tension if the mage became tired in the middle of the scene.

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