Seven Realms: Gazetteer Overview

There are many countries throughout Arn, but only a handful possess enough influence to be labeled major nations. Either through the weight of their history or their influence in diplomacy or military power, these nations shape the fate of the entire continent.

“Floren is an unlikely power. Known for always chasing the might of golden coinage, over the centuries Floren has become a dominant trade regulator for more than half the continent. Florenian convoy guards are often considered the finest protection money can buy. Florenian trade routes are viewed as the safest or most expedient available. Because of these boons, Florenian exports of culture and goods are taken as par for the course for other nations seeking successful international trade. In truth, Floren does much good in maintaining open travel between nations that openly feud with one another, and their caravans are good at carrying messages as well as goods.”

“Galtana is the southernmost kingdom of the Rosenmark. It was founded after the Lost Empire ceased hostilities against the region and the original line of kings can lay claim to being part of the last to stand firmly against the call to empire. In recent centuries, the royal line has been supplanted by knightly orders made up of the descendants of the warriors of that fight. The remnants of the traditionalist nobility often stand at odds with the elevated merchant class and the commoners’ interests are often wedged between them. The knights maintain the peace on all sides. Galtana is now considered a recovering paper dragon occupied mostly with insular concerns while watching for slights from outsiders. With neighbors who have no desire for conquest, Galtana is likely to reclaim a modicum of its past glory within the coming century.”

Gran Cimbar
“Gran Cimbar, formerly the Grand Duchy of Cimbar, is a kingdom along the western border of the Midlands. It is often called the Kingdom of Champions, because while many countries export goods or resources, Cimbar exports heroes. Most cimbari adventurers travel far and wide, and accept commissions from foreign powers but always bring glory or notoriety to their home nation. Given its place as a monarchy elevated in recent centuries, Gran Cimbar is not internationally known for anything else.”

“The foremost kingdom of the West, Kant is best known as the first civilization West of the Reaches. It boasts an unbroken line of kings some twelve generations long, and claims that it is the foremost source of culture and learning in the West. This last claim may no longer be true given Feras’ prominence, but regardless the people of Kant built a kingdom and maintained it millennia before Feras even broke ground. Kantan vessels sail the coastline and have brisk trade with the Gaantu islanders as well as occasional travel to the shores of Ilba-Cera or Seboria.”

“Kaspia is an island nation off the eastern coast of Arn. The Kaspians are a people of farmers, sailors, and warriors who have long upheld their traditions beginning with the island’s settlement nearly two millennia ago by Arkennite warriors and their families. Since that time, they have developed their own culture, and within the last five centuries, a kingdom worth paying attention to. The Kings of Kaspia, as they are a people of multiple rulers paying homage to a single high king, have frequently set their sights on the shores west of their isolated land, and after putting their long rivalry with the people of Hospera to rest, have nowhere else to turn to sate the desire for conquest.”

“Seboria is a land of contradictions, it is ruled by multiple princes and divided into principalities, but these princes act in concert whenever foreign interests rear their heads. Furthermore, to the average citizen, making a name for oneself is almost as important as earning ones keep, but to the nobility exchanging political influence is more important than proving oneself. Seboria is often referred to as a nest of vipers by outsiders unfamiliar with their customs, but houses rise and fall in this arid country, and rarely do bodies drop along with them. It is the most civilized example of high court intrigue known in the mortal realm. This fact along with their general self-sufficiency and shared front against outsiders makes them a force to be reckoned with on the international stage, when they deign to weigh in on events.”

“Thelos is the rising power of the Midlands. It is an aggressive state which both purchases bands of mercenaries and breeds warlike militias from border to border. They are a new power, having risen only since Veralon ceased expansion a few centuries ago. Thelos is too young to have a true culture besides ‘To the Victor the Spoils’. Nonetheless the country is a hotbed of activity, as skirmishes between their forces and the other great nations of the continent are nearly constant. The Thelosians never commit enough forces to demand war as repayment, and thus Thelos prods its neighbors while searching for weakness.”

“The Empire of Veralon is the last empire of Arn, or rather it is the latest one. Veralon boasts some of the oldest cities on the continent, with culture influenced by previous empires for the last two thousand years. Of all its many holdings, only Andramaar predates the capital, and only the old empire’s enemies such as Galtana, and Eridania boast a similar depth of history. Today Veralon maintains its empire by means of trade. They trade goods, and influence, peddling the Emperor’s favor like it was the purest of fine wines. Still, they say that if you want a fine instrument, you can wait for the nearest Florenian convoy, if you desire a masterful one, you must journey to Veralon.”


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