Qadir’s Races

The races of the city are presented below in alphabetical order. I’ve left the Burning Wheel traits as role-playing guidelines or inspiration. These are written from the perspective of helping a player create their character, not as an objective external description of the race accompanied by statistic bumps.

Dwarves who were born in the city are encouraged to start in the Clansman setting. The Guilder setting is also appropriate for the city elite, but the Dwarven Noble setting is inappropriate. For Dwarves from the mountain city the Guilder, Artificer and Dwarven Noble lifepaths are encouraged. There are some Clansmen as well, but the movers and shakers rarely start there in that society. City Dwarves are often in line with human grooming habits, wearing full beards but ensuring that they are trimmed, perhaps their mustaches waxed etc. Mountain Dwarves never trim their beards, in accordance with tradition.

Mountain Dwarves receive the Hardened Birthright character trait as an additional common trait.

Dwarves are encouraged not to start at less than 4 lifepaths, as their society frowns on young dwarves giving heed to wanderlust. (In D&D terms, no adventurer starts at less than full adulthood. Young adults are pressured to stay at home and fulfill obligations)

Hardened Birthright:
Mountain Dwarves consider themselves superior to their city-dwelling cousins, and this is visible in their appearance, bearing and interactions. They consider themselves traditional, and the sole carriers of the Dwarven Ancestral Way.

Man, Native
As Men of the region, the natives are tan skinned, with dark hair, used to conflict, and in-offensive. They have the following common traits: Aboriginal, Cool-Headed (a Die Trait lowering Hesitation from surprise, not pain, by 1), Humility, and Ready Survivor

These people have an arabic cultural bias, with appropriate given names. They often refer to themselves by their profession, so Hassan the Barber. The complicated naming convention of true arabic family names and relations is dropped, although someone who has an important lineage and a currently important status (Great Family scion) would still call himself Hassan son of Nadir son of Allam son of Hakim of Qadir. Natives with money visit their barber just like the seafarers. An unruly beard is a sign of being poor in the current society. Only hermits, beggars and laborers don’t get groomed as a matter of course, and often these men use knives to do what they can for themselves.

Aboriginal: Char trait
This man has tan skin, and dark hair that tends more towards straight than curly.

Humility: Char trait
This person is surprisingly humble in day to day interactions, causing as little offense as possible when not threatened, angered, etc.

Ready Survivor: C-O trait
This trait is a Call-On for Steel Tests as well as Forte tests to resist illness.

Man, Newcomer
The newcomers are Men from across the waves to the Northwest. They are fair-skinned and going full-bearded is the fashion amongst the men. It is encouraged that newcomers start at the Seafaring setting with Sun of a Gun, as most of them were not born in the region. They have the following common traits: Driven (call-on for one skill aligned with one of his beliefs), Foreign.

The newcomers have a cultural bias of Western Europe, and although the people of this region lump them together they come from various home countries. So you can meet Svens, Conans, Gregors and Matthiases. Surnames are used but not common, and can be of the Son of Ken variety, the Kenson variety, or the Carpenter variety.

Foreign: char trait
This person is obviously not from around here, with his fair complexion, wildly exotic eye color and/or full beard.

Man, Seafarer
It is encouraged that the seafarers, men who are descended from conquerors originating over the waves to the East, not start in the Seafaring setting. This is because the vast majority of them have been born here for generations. They are an olive skinned people with a tendency for curly hair of most shades. They have the following common traits: Dramatic (a Call-On for Acting and Theatrics), Privileged, and Swarthy.

These people are like the Phoenicians, but in terms of cultural biases are considered to be fairly Mediterranean. They have names like Stefan and Mina, Roman or modified Roman names are common as well. Occasionally an Arabic name comes up, usually as the result of intermarriage or honoring friends. They possess family names as well as given names, but the vast majority of these are profession based: Smith, Carpenter etc. If someone wants to look up what the term would be in Greek, Italian or any other Mediterranean culture instead of using English that’s fine. They also set the standard for the height of grooming, so being clean-shaven is considered youthful, and men younger than middle-age often go this route, or have a trimmed mustache. Men approaching middle age, or affecting wisdom and authority often have a trimmed beard. Only the poor don’t visit their barber regularly.

Note: Dramatic means that these folks tell amusing stories or boast about their deeds in the tavern at night, a lot. It is considered rude to interrupt a good story, but it is expected that someone will try to top it with a funnier or more impressive one after it is through.

Privileged: C-O trait
This is a call-on for Resources tests representing familial or neighborhood ties to influential or wealthy individuals.

Swarthy: Char trait
This person is olive-skinned and obviously not of the native stock.

The Roden of the City should begin in the Below setting. The few Roden who are citizens of society and work in the fields outside the city should begin in the Fields setting.

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