Space Patrol: Interstellar Nations

To give you an overview of the potential sides I need to give you an overview of the galactic map, at least in terms of interstellar powers. Of course, we have the Earth Government Alliance, also known as the EarthGov Alliance or the EGA. They are a commonwealth of planets, not all human, which grew organically as Earth explored the stars, made contract with alien species, and either befriended them, chose to leave them be or conquered them. This last option was less common than one might think, and occurred mostly to human settled worlds that had their own governments. They were often enticed into returning to the fold for the good of mankind. In its centuries of existence, EarthGov has not needed to roll over opposition and take most worlds by force.

To some of you who might be thinking of Star Trek, this isn’t the same Earth at play here. EarthGov needs resources, and the easiest way to get them is to set up mining concerns, and colonies in locations where those resources are abundant. It doesn’t matter if those promised sovereignty never get a full measure of it, as long as the resources keep coming. Because of this Earth first attitude that pervades the government’s Assembly chambers, the prevailing attitude among colonists settled enough to survive now without Earth’s help is one of disdain. Earthlings are considered weak or lazy, while colonists are considered to be real examples of human determination and in possession of a good work ethic. Space Patrol operatives encounter this attitude again and again, especially the further one gets from Earth.

The Gorgon Regime is a currently neutral nation which originated on an abandoned colony world early in the Great Space War’s timeline. They were a valuable colony, as there were shipyards and plenty of natural resources in their home system. However, the Ra’Steles cut them off from the rest of the Earth Colonies and Earth itself for a period of fifteen years. By the time Earth had managed to get exploration teams back out into their sector, the Gorgon Regime had grown into their own militaristic empire. Their entire culture glorifies their military, and few civilians ever gain enough clout to be notable unless they work ceaselessly for the advancement of said war machine. As a culture, the Gorgon Regime is totalitarian, and insidious with its indoctrination and secret police surveillance. They send robot space fighters out to fight most of their space battles, and robot tanks to overrun enemy ground forces. Their stance is almost intoxicating in that they view human life as too precious to waste in the mill which is never-ending war. However, they are constantly fighting somewhere in the universe, so the war machine still needs resources and soldiers even if they are not at risk on the front lines.

The Celestial Empire is an example of a human interstellar nation which was founded before the EGA began its true push for colonization. They are a proud people who did not fully accept the homogenization of their homeworld, and left in order to practice their culture and beliefs among the stars. Today, that belief has led them to declare their leader a god reincarnating lifetime after lifetime through all who wear his crown. It has also made them staunch enemies of the EarthGov Alliance when overtures were made to unify with them. The Gorgon Regime also made contact with them, and seeing that they would never make much headway in reeducating them through indoctrination, has allied with them instead. The Celestial Empire is a small stellar power in comparison to the other two, but it still has bite. They have little need of more space, as their population is strictly controlled, so they have not begun an expansionistic thrust. They simply believe the EGA represents a threat to their way of life.

The Great Pirate Clans are a culture of interstellar pirates who ply the space lanes between the Celestial Empire and the neutral systems between them and the EGA. In this culture, the captains own the ships, and have the best personal weapons. This makes them close to hereditary nobility, and their tenuous sovereignty is based upon their ships going out raiding and returning with goods and treasures they can barter for goods. They aren’t a true threat to any stellar power, but they are opponents of most of them, and could be unlikely allies.

The Lurean Empire is a small collection of planets and systems under the dominion of a warrior race which resemble upright walking tigers. Their sense of honor is complex, but it amounts to furthering their race, attaining glory in battle and doing nothing to embarrass their clans. The Lureans are allies of EarthGov, and some even serve in Space Patrol. However, there are traditionalists who think they should resume the time when they raided all of nearby space and took what they wanted, made their enemies fear them, and gained territory when they wanted it. As the EGA is their nearest neighbor, this would break their alliance and lead to open war.

The Jo’Gri Collective is a single race with advanced technology. They are neutral towards humanity, and often refuse to see the difference in different groups of humans. They could become opposed to any race of humans listed here, or humanity as a whole. They can also serve as allies if their involvement can be acquired without much effort on their part.

The Xennoshivan Expanse is an area of space recently encountered by Space Patrol. Many members of the races there have petitioned for entry into Space Patrol for one reason or another, but few of their planets have petitioned for membership in the EarthGov Alliance. Those who remain outside, regardless of what their citizens do, often belong to the ruling power of that space, the Xennoshivan Concordance, named after a treaty they signed more than a thousand years ago. While the races of the Concordance are no more powerful than the Alliance and Space Patrol individually, the group in whole is a match in resources and military might. Unlike some stellar nations, they only lack territory in comparison to Earth.

Other intelligent threats to EarthGov citizens include the Arghast, interstellar multi-limbed marauders, the Star Masters of Algol V, inhuman master telepaths and the Hultan, a race of cyborgs which is slowly spreading across space one planet at a time conquering and converting its inhabitants into drones for the future harvesting of other worlds.


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