Mystara Compendium Miscellanea

The very first AGE conversion I posted was the Rakshasa. This was because it didn’t fit within Mystara, given that Randara already existed and were rampant in the area that the Rakshasa would have filled. Furthermore, in keeping with some of the lore of actual indian mythology about the former, they possess radically great powers and a hidden weakness which is commonly known only to the culture in which they normally are present. Well there is no real reason creatures have to stay put in certain regions, and I didn’t think the heroes of the known world would be especially able to cope with Rakshasa once they slipped out of Sind and leapt to the next continent over.

Randara Grade C

Fey Monster
Defense 15, AR 6, Enchanted, Spell Resistance +2
Health 48, Speed 14
Senses Night Vision
+4 Communication
+0 Constitution
+1 Cunning
+4 Dexterity
+2 Magic
+3 Perception (Hearing, Tracking)
+1 Strength
+2 Willpower (Self-Discipline)
Melee Fist +4 (1d3+1)
Favored Stunts: Lethal Blow and Skirmish.
Weapon Groups: All
Charming Personality [Charm]: Once per day the Randara can make a round of Persuasion or Seduction tests versus an individual with a +5 bonus. Individuals immune to Charm effects deny the creature it’s bonus. This lasts for only a scene, but the effects can last permanently.
Hear Thoughts [Mental]: As the Hear Thoughts spell, Spellpower 12.
Shape Change [Alteration]: Randara can use a Minor action to change into any physical form they desire. They raise their Constitution, Dexterity and Strength to the target form’s rating if it is better. This change may not be dispelled, even in death the randara remain in disguise. It is thought that randara in their natural form possess claws and vicious teeth, but they rarely engage in combat in their natural form using their shapeshifting to flee or adopt more dangerous bodies to do combat in.
Equipment: Varies

Randara are legendary creatures of terror, being shapeshifters with a fondness for the flesh of humanoids, particularly humans, dwarves, halfings and elves. Their natural form is unknown because they choose to adopt harmless forms to get close to targets. In fact, their desire for human flesh is so great that they will shadow a human in a position of power within a community as a harmless creature such as a cat, or songbird, use its Hear Thoughts power to gain as much knowledge about the person as possible, then slay the person, consume him or her and adopt the persona of the dead human. Then it uses its position of respect, plus its powers of persuasion to draw further prey to it.

Randara that are discovered for what they are will flee a settlement. Randara discovered while devouring a corpse will either fight or flee.


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