Space Patrol: EarthGov Dossier

Citizens of the Sol System are taken care of from infancy through their elderly years. Those citizens who feel a calling pursue it with vigor, and are encouraged by all aspects of society. Artists, scientists and historians are all given much respect and the lack of need for hard labor in the settlements, whether they are in biodomes or sprawling across the land, makes combating boredom a prime concern. Much of Earth is actually agriculturally designated, but government run farms with scientists and technicians do the planning while unintelligent robots do the actual work. Most people live in the somewhat sterile cities atop the skyscraper arcologies. Less than twelve percent of the population live in rural areas or palatial estates (usually earned by top scientists and government functionaries) where the population spreads out rather than up. Almost all industrial production is conducted in space or on moons in the Sol System.

Other human dominated members of the EarthGov Alliance are divided into colony worlds and frontiers. The former being long established worlds with their own histories and problems, long solved either by self-reliance or intervention from other colonies or EarthGov itself. Frontiers are what newly established colonies are called, and the vast majority of such worlds have been colonized by humankind for less than 100 years, or in other words the oldest Frontiers tend to be on their second generation of colonists.

Life on a Colony World is often somewhere between the sparkling luxury of Earth and the stark reality of a frontier. Most people have amenities or the ability to create them, and only forgo them by choice or occupation, but here it is rarely possible to simply aim for a dream profession and attain it. There are jobs that need doing, resources that need producing or processing, and usually not enough people around to do it all if everybody goes into advanced training or higher education. A good way to think of it is that a colonist can sew their own clothing or hunt for their own food and clean and cook it, but there are also numerous resource distributors selling everything they need and plenty of things they don’t.

Frontier life on the other hand is harsh. Frontier colonists have to wear multiple hats just in order to survive, and dreams of cushy occupations are almost certainly just that, dreams. Nobody will survive if everybody doesn’t pitch in. Frontier colonists with scientific training either gained those skills before planetfall, or have been trained meticulously by the first generation to carry on. Any second generation scientist is probably also a farmer, a construction worker, a cook, and knows how to use a weapon to defend himself or herself.

EarthGov is made up of three branches, the executive, the judicial and the legislative. Entrance into any of the three is based solely on test results, written, oral and physical depending on the desired position. Once you make it into a branch, you are given specialized job training and an entry level position. Those who rise to greatness in the judicial branch become advocates, or prosecutors who present opposite sides of legal cases in order that justice be done. Magistrates, who sit in judgement of law violations, are the highest ranked members of this branch. Typically for a minor infraction which might result in minor jail time or reduced privileges, only one magistrate sits the case. For a serious crime, one which would earn a lengthy jail sentence, or a capital punishment, three to seven magistrates hear the case. The more magistrates involved, the more distasteful the possible repercussions.

Those who start out in the legislative branch become clerks or personal assistants. Eventually they may rise to managers or even become department heads. The difference between the civil servant staffers of the legislative branch and the elected officials, called Representatives, is staggering. Representatives serve a half-decade term, and few of them maintain a career in politics. They are known collectively as the EarthGov Assembly, and while this body is popularly elected by each world, it is the rank and file of the legislative branch that organizes their lives, handles the details related to bill creation and submission and implements their non-executive policies. For some staff this includes travel wherever the Representative goes, including back to their home planet, or to alien worlds. Most personal assistants with training from the executive military branch are assigned to these Representatives, but bodyguards are always assigned regardless of the accomplishments of the Representative or their legislative staffers.

It isn’t perfectly clear when a frontier world graduates to the status where they get a seat in the Legislature, but many frontier worlds feel slighted by not having a representative. They consider it tantamount to being seen as a child, when that “child” is doing all the work. This interpretation isn’t far wrong, the EarthGov Assembly has in the past appropriated resources from frontier worlds and shifted them elsewhere with claims of making a fair exchange or a return with interest in the future. Often these “payments” never occur, and the colonies feel slighted unless the world gets a Representative to champion their cause.

The executive branch is broken into two arms, the civil arm and the military arm. The civil arm is in charge of the whole branch, and implements executive policy change (such as implementing new tax laws), and enforcement. The military arm is made up of two organizations: EarthGov Forces and Space Patrol. The EarthGov Forces are a paramilitary outfit which amount to police on highly civilized colonies and in Home Sector. Sometimes EarthGov Forces inspectors are sent out to distant worlds out of the Frontier stage, but usually this is handled by local police, militia, or Space Patrol. Space Patrol is an enlightened military outfit responsible for defending humanity from external threats, civil war, and exploring the galaxy.

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I am an information technology professional in Missouri. I've been an avid fan of fantasy and science fiction novels, comic books, pen and paper role-playing games, computer games and console video games for the last two decades. My dream would be to one day make a comfortable living while having the time to pursue writing (novels, rpgs, etc.) as a full-time hobby.

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