Alloy: Character Creation basics 2

Alloy LogoToday we move on to professions.

Pick a Profession

All heroes also have a profession. Professions are templates which contain a developmental attribute adjustment, core skills the character mastered the basics of through long training, and a few skill groups which indicate skills the character gained at least passing familiarity with during training. If there are traits necessary to perform the profession, those will be listed as well. Examine the list of profession templates below.

If none of these profession templates appeal to you, you can tweak one of them, or design your own. All of the professions show a choice of an Attribute adjustment, which costs 5 points. Any traits necessary for the profession are listed as Core Traits, and cost their normal amounts. Most professions have two skill groups and up to four core skills. These cost as much as the traits normally do, 2 points and 3 points respectively. For balance reasons, it is recommended that no profession give out more than four Core Skills. Once you tally all of these costs together you end up with your custom template cost.

Regardless of what profession template you choose, note the cost and deduct it from your pool of character points.

What If I Want More Than One Profession?
Fictional characters often train in multiple disciplines and seem equally skilled in them. However, that doesn’t translate into having 2 or more professions in this game. Nothing prevents a player from asking the Game Master to allow purchase of the Core Skill and Skill Group traits multiple times, and to add needed traits. However, professions have a component which cannot be doubled up for reasons of game balance: Attribute adjustments, which represent years of training.

There are a total of 20 Professions pre-generated in the full codex. These are the iconic 6 professions associated with most fantasy literature heroes.

Academy Mage
Academic, Social
Adjustment: +1 Intellect or Resolve
Core Traits: Sorcery Path 2 and Sorcery Path 1 or 2x Active Talent or Active Talent and 2x Passive Talent
Core Skills: Discipline, Research
Recommended Traits: Lore (Academia, Alchemy, Linguistics, or Lost Secrets)
Recommended Skills: Build/Repair, Insight, Manipulation
Cost: 23 points

The Academy Mage is a scholar of the mystic arts. He has mastered sorcery or his birthright to a professional degree, and has decided that looking for lost secrets or attaining worldly experience is the best path to becoming an archmage. While they are prepared to excel in feats of research as well as magery, they are often underprepared for the trials of a life of travel or adventure. Nevertheless, a life of academic interactions and politics has prepared the mage for mastery of social circles later in life.

Observation, Practical
Adjustment: +1 Strength or Resolve
Core Skills: Fitness, Notice, Survival, Thievery
Recommended Skills: Acrobatics, Research, Weapons
Cost: 21 points

The Delver is an expert at spelunking and skullduggery. They are accustomed to braving dark caves, undercity catacombs, forgotten mines and monster lairs to find treasure. Some of them favor more criminal pursuits and turn the skills which get them past traps to open vaults. Regardless of where they spend time when not out in the field, all delvers share a common thread of curiosity and seeking to overcome challenges others are crippled with fear in front of.

Practical, Social
Adjustment: +1 Charisma or Resolve
Core Skills: Healing, Insight, Persuasion
Recommended Traits: Bonded, Faith, Lore (Religion)
Recommended Skills: Brawling, Manipulation, Survival, Weapons
Cost: 18 points

Note: To be a supernatural focus for the divine, the character will either need Faith, Bonded or both. The former provides bonuses to actions the character might undertake, the latter allows the character to ask for miracles. A further trait Initiate provides training in divine rites which are similar to spells.

Missionaries are traveling servants of the gods. They are often called upon to minister to the faithful as well as protect them from overtly supernatural threats. Unlike templars, they are often not masters of combat. However, the capabilities of any given missionary can be quite diverse. Some are skilled at divine rites, others at combat, still others excel at healing, teaching or any number of other disciplines.

Active, Observation
Adjustment: +1 Agility or Perception
Core Skills: Notice, Survival, Tracking
Recommended Skills: Healing, Stealth, Marksmanship, Weapons
Cost: 18 points

Scouts are specialized soldiers, hunters or guides who know the wilderness in an area, and are expert enough not to fall prey to simple traps and environmental hazards. They are often very stealthy, and decent fighters as well. The nature of their profession means that they need to be self-sufficient and operate alone most of the time. However, for an adventuring company the sudden appearance of a scout can save the day, whether it is to lead them to their destination, or join in a one-sided attack to turn the tide.

Martial, Social
Adjustment: +1 Strength or Resolve
Core Skills: Acrobatics or Riding, Discipline, Persuasion, Weapons
Recommended Traits: Faith, Lore (Religion)
Recommended Skills: Brawling, Research, Survival, Tactics
Cost: 21 points

Templars are warriors of the gods, with the focus on warrior. While priests and missionaries seek to serve the gods directly, and minister to the faithful as well as wield great influence, supernatural or political, as weapons for the good of the faith, templars seek to serve the religion. They put themselves in harms way, saving those who cannot save themselves, and fighting the enemies of the faith. The major difference between a priest and a templar is the order they belong to within a religion, but in essence, a templar has answered the call of his religion to be a protector.

Martial, Practical
Adjustment: +1 Strength or Agility
Core Skills: Acrobatics or Riding, Brawling, Weapons, Marksmanship or Weapons
Recommended Skills: Marksmanship, Discipline, Persuasion, Survival, Tactics
Cost: 21 points

Warriors come in all stripes from all walks of life. They are front line fighters who are either fighting because they are patriots, mercenaries, or conquerors. This profession covers knights, men-at-arms, sellswords, tribesmen, berserkers, martial artists and every other kind of professional warrior. The focus of the profession is on mastery of arms, and combat supremacy. The abilities of a leader are secondary to the archetype, but often go hand in hand with such skill at fighting.


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