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Gear is often a great difference between characters cut from the same cloth. The choice of weapon makes the warrior, and that is even more important in the Alloy system. Weapons are described by traits and statistics which inform how best they can be used, as well as how much damage they do, and how effective they may be at range. Different weapons fall into categories: Aimed, Crushing, Finesse, Martial and Thrown, which determine what Attribute governs the ability to use them. Even within the same category, some weapons use different Attributes as the base for their damage total as well.

For example, a character wielding a maul uses Strength both to hit and do damage, while a character wielding a rapier uses Agility to hit and bases damage on Perception. To the former, the harder it can be swung is the limit to its artistry, but it focuses that single Attribute into a finely tuned instrument of destruction. On the other hand, the rapier requires both dexterity, and accuracy. In the hands of someone accustomed to swinging around tree limbs, it is a clumsy weapon, but in the right hands it can slip under guards and deal heinous wounds.

Weapon Traits

X ±YD: This weapon provides the listed modifier, in the amount of Y, to activity X. Example, Parry +1D.
2-Handed: This weapon cannot be effectively wielded one-handed by a human sized character. Attempts to do so increase Action Cost by 2, and incur a -2D penalty to hit.
Balanced: The weapon provides 1 success to pay for any stunt or maneuver using it.
Charge X: This weapon deals X extra damage when used with a charge or if the user is charged.
X Cover: The weapon provides the listed cover versus ranged attacks.
Cruel X: This weapon provides X successes to pay for Crippling Blow maneuvers. These successes cannot apply to any other use.
Exotic: This weapon is harder to use than most others, raising the TN of all maneuvers by 1. If you critically fail while using this weapon you probably injure yourself.
Piercing X: This weapon provides X successes to pay for Armor Piercing maneuvers. These successes cannot apply to any other use. They also do X extra damage to objects and structures when used to sunder, or rend them.
Precise X: This weapon provides X successes to pay for Weak Spot maneuvers. These successes cannot apply to any other use.
Range: This weapon is effective out to the listed range. Characters still suffer penalties for aiming at targets further away than short range. Note, most melee weapons can be thrown out to Short distance. Bulky ones such as great swords may only be capable of being thrown out to Close range.
Reach: Characters using this weapon can attack enemies at close range without engaging them first. They also lower the TN of Arcing Strikes and Sweeps by 1.
Reload X: This weapon takes the listed number in Action Cost to reload after being used once.
Vicious X: This weapon adds X in damage when it is used with a Strong Strike or Measured Shot (depending on whether it is a melee or ranged weapon).

AC stands for Action Cost, which is described and defined in the Task Resolution section. Positive numbers cause actions to take longer, while negative ones make them finish quicker. The Damage Cap is how much damage the weapon by itself, in the character’s hands does. This can be improved by achieving extra successes on attacks, making stunts, certain maneuvers and magical enhancements. It s always 6 for “small” weapons, 10 for “large” or brawling weapons, and 8 for everything inbetween.

Weapon Attack Damage(Cap) AC Mod Weapon Traits
Baton Strength Strength +3(8) +0 Cruel 1
Battle Axe Agi or Str Strength +3(8) +1 Piercing 1
Buckler Strength Strength +1(6) +0 Dominating, +1D to Parry
Dagger Agility Perception +2(6) +0 Precise 1, Vicious 1
Glaive Agi or Str Strength +4(8) +0 2-Handed, Reach, Vicious 1
Great Club Strength Strength +4(10) +1 2-Handed, Cruel 2, Reach, Vicious 2
Great Sword Agi or Str Strength +5(10) +2 2-Handed, Balanced, Piercing 1, Vicious 2
Halberd Agi or Str Strength +4(8) +1 2-Handed, Reach, Vicious 1
Hand Axe Agi or Str Strength +1(6) +0 Piercing 1
Hunting Bow Perception Perception +2(8) +0 2-Handed, Piercing 1, Medium Range
Javelin Agi or Str Strength +2(6) +0 Medium Range
Long Knife Agility Perception +3(8) -1 Precise 1
Long Sword Agi or Str Strength +4(8) +1 Balanced
Medium Shield Strength Strength +2(8) +0 Charge 1, Dominating, Half Cover, +1D to Parry
Morningstar Strength Strength +4(8) +0 Vicious 1
Quarterstaff Agility Perception +2(8) +0 2-Handed, Precise 1, Vicious 1
Rapier Agility Perception +3(8) +0 Balanced 1, Precise 1
Reflex Bow Perception Perception +2(8) +0 2-Handed, Piercing 2, Vicious 1, Long Range
Short Spear Agi or Str Strength +4(8) +0 2-Handed, Charge 1, Reach
Short Sword Agi or Str Strength +3(8) +0 Precise 1, Vicious 1
Stiletto Agility Perception(6) +0 Parry +1D, Piercing 1, Precise 1
Throwing Knife Agility Perception(6) -1 None
Tower Shield Strength Strength +2(8) +0 Charge 1,Dominating, Full Cover, +1D to Parry
Warhammer Strength Strength +4(8) +1 Piercing 1, Vicious 1


The game uses sets of armor pieces grouped together, so instead of buying a breastplate and vambraces, the character buys a suit. The less detailed suits, with only an armor rating, are described below. The Armor Rating is added directly to the character’s Defense to counteract incoming damage’s effect on the character. Less abstract suits are available in the full codex which have traits to distinguish them.

Armor Rating
Chain Mail 3
Leather Armor 2
Padded Armor 1
Plate Mail 4

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