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Alloy LogoNow that I’ve posted enough of the game to create journeymen characters and engage in adventures, I’ve decided to post some example enemies. I’ve settled on showing the Bandit Raider, the Orc Raider, and the Undead Thrall. In the codex I have statistics for most dangerous animals, as well as many human and non-human enemies.

Bandit Raider, Humanoid
Str 3, Agi 2, Per 2, Res 2, Int 3, Cha 2
Skills (4): Fitness, Stealth, Survival, Weapons: Clubs
Defense: 6(4), Mind: 4, Health: 1
Init: 3, Speed: 2D, Dodge 1, Parry 1
Club (Str), Damage 6, Cruel 1
Sword (Str), Damage 6, Precise 1, Vicious 1
Gear: Club, Short Sword, Leather Jack, Gambeson, Pack, Knife

Favorite Moves
Bandit raiders prefer to spring ambushes and will corner opponents to gain a numbers advantage. When outmatched most will attempt to flee, but this is often just a divide and conquer strategy to overcome better combatants. The fleeing bandits often lead the pursuing warrior into a trap or another ambush.

Bandits are usually down on their luck peasants who happen to be strong enough to serve as laborers, but have either been seduced by the seemingly easy path of crime, or were starving and no choice but to adopt such a life. Being a bandit is a hard life, as accommodations are often ramshackle or temporary at best, food is often scarce and you are just as likely to be killed by a greedy ally as a guard, or an aggressive mark.

The above is an enemy entry from the bestiary section, the Ogre posted before being a shorthand form for inclusion inline. As you can see, the goal for his skills is listed on that line, his preferred weapon is italicized, and if he had any specials they would be explained shorthand inline above.

Orc Raider, Humanoid
Strength 4, Agility 3, Perception 2, Resolve 3, Intellect 2, Charisma 2
Skills (4): Fitness, Notice, Survival
Defense: 8(6), Mind: 4, Health: 2
Init: 2, Speed: 4D, Dodge 1, Parry 1(2 w Shield)
Senses: Night Vision
Axe (Str), AC +1, Damage 7, Piercing 1
Dagger (Agi), Damage 4, Precise 1, Vicious 1
Shield (Str), Damage 6, Dominating, Half Cover, +1D to Parry
Berserker: If an orc gives or receives a Wound, it no longer suffers fear or wound related penalties until it wins the fight or is killed.
Gear: Battle Axe, Hide Armor, Medium Shield, Ruck Pack

Favorite Moves
Orcs raiders are straightforward barbaric fighters. They charge the enemy and cut into them. They take chances to attack multiple enemies, or to maim them when able, or hit hard, but they don’t sacrifice a solid hit to look good. Few orcs can concentrate on combat at that level, they just want to get in devastating hits repeatedly and fell as many foes as possible.

Orcs are savage humanoids which exist in a primitive state, always moving from place to place raiding, or fighting amongst themselves. Orcs don’t have strong family structures and often are weaned as a pack, and only the strongest rise to distinction out of the pack, and become known to the tribe. Those who become known in the tribe have a chance to become war leaders or chieftains. While orcs recognize lineage, they don’t trade on it. If a chieftain’s son is weak, he will be supplanted by the best warrior if he takes command. They are possessed in battle by bloodlust, and take no prisoners who are not immediately useful.

The Orc Raider has Night Vision, which is a common trait. He also has Berserker which is explained inline. Note, the bonus from his Shield is enough to raise his passive Parry TN. Usually, this is Str pool divided by 3. The shield gives him a 5 pool before being divided.

Undead Thrall, Necromantic Construct
Strength 3, Agility 2, Perception 2, Resolve 3, Intellect 1, Charisma 1
Skills (4): Brawling, Notice
Defense: 7(5), Mind: 4, Health: 2
Immunity (Disease, Poison), Resistance (Mental)
Init: 2, Speed: 2D, Dodge 1, Parry 1
Senses: Dark Vision
Bite (Str), AC +1, Damage 5
Punch (Str), AC -1, Damage 2
Dead Body: Armor 2

Favorite Moves
Undead thralls march, lope, shamble or shuffle towards prey and make obvious attacks. Even those encased in armor and wearing shields or weapons do not use them. They are motive energy trapped in a barely familiar body. They have no knowledge of their past lives. They often dogpile the nearest opponents if able, ignoring those further away even if pelted from afar. They are rather mindless and fearless because of it.

Thralls, also called corpse minions and animated dead, are nothing more than bodies with the energies of the dead trapped within them to cause their limbs to move. Thralls are the favored creations of beginning necromancers, as they do not have the force of will to rebel. Of course they are also much less powerful than any other form of undead, but that is not a concern to such men.

Thralls are shambling monsters with no free will of their own, bound to obey their creator, or any being with the power to ensnare their service. The spirit of the formerly living being is not actually made to inhabit the body of the creature, but that does not change the fact that their existence depends upon the Shadow Veil and severing that tie renders them lifeless once again.

If a body has been dead too long, this is the only form of animation that can be attempted by any means accept miracle. These unholy things are destroyed if they encounter the spirit of the body they inhabit. This occurs whether the true spirit is summoned, or if the body’s former owner is a lingering spirit. Animal thralls can be created as well, the process does not discriminate as long as the majority of the body including the head are present.

Immunity and Resistance fall on a line beneath defense as would any other special defenses if present. Immunity is self-explanatory, and Resistance means that the thrall takes one less wound from mental damage, and provides a -2D penalty those seeking to mentally dominate the creature. This of course is ignored if the mind control effect is specific to necromantic constructs and humanoids.

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