Alloy: Channeling Magic Part 2

Alloy LogoThe rites which every channeler learns when they take the Initiate trait one to three times are listed below, and are referred to as the Book of Basic Rites. Advanced channelers can learn a limited number of advanced rites as well later on. Many of these are designed to round out the unique powers attributed to one cult or religion, or to fit a specific deity.

Aid (Blessing)
AC: 3/10 TN: 1/2
Range: Self/Touch
Duration: Instant/Sustained
This rite can be enacted as a prayer on the channeler’s behalf to improve an action he is taking immediately. This grants the character a +1D bonus to the specified action. When enacted as a full rite this power applies a blessing to a character or an object which lasts for the duration of the scene. An affected character gains a +1D bonus on one type of activity, healing others, fighting, athletic activities, etc. as decided by the channeler for the duration of the scene. Blessed objects provide a bonus every time they are used, but the bonus is limited to a specific circumstance. The channeler can specify +1D to Weapons skill when making Fast Strikes, or +1D to Discipline skill when resisting fear or making morale checks. Extra successes achieved when performing this ritual often gift the recipient with the bonus over longer time periods, although it might affect multiple subjects, or gain a higher bonus. The Game Master is the arbiter of what occurs with extra successes.

Banishment (Exorcism)
AC: 5/10 TN: 2
Range: Medium
Duration: Instant/Concentration
The channeler begins chanting in the vicinity of the target supernatural entity to remove it from this place. When enacted as a prayer the characters roll Discipline + Resolve versus one another, as all spirits will resist this rite. If the channeler is successful, a spirit is forced to return to the plane from which it originates. If the caster is not successful, the rite still does Resolve + 2 Damage to the target, ignoring worn armor and halving Defense. In a realm where the spirit originates this rite only does damage, but it does Resolve + 4 Damage instead. Extra successes don’t do anything in the production of this prayer effect. When enacted as a full ritual, this rite affects all non-ally spirits in the immediate area and it prevents the summoning of new spirits for the duration of the channeler’s chanting.

Note: Undead and other supernatural entities which are not living beings, cannot be removed from the location they inhabit by this rite, but they do take Resolve + 2 Damage from it, against halved Defense without the benefit of any worn armor. The full ritual affects all such creatures in the area, but does not prevent them from entering while the channeler chants.

Circle of Power (Exorcism)
AC: 5/10 TN: 2/3
Range: Long
Duration: Sustained/Concentration
The channeler calls upon his higher power to restrain the target spirit, causing an impenetrable barrier to spring up. If this rite is successful, the target spirit is trapped within a a circle of power large enough to encircle its natural manifested size, with a minimum size of 2 yards in diameter at its smallest. The caster can also cast the rite on his own person, which erects a barrier that no spirit, nor a spirit’s power can cross around him. Neither version of this rite’s effect is mobile, and extra successes increase the radius of the circle to encompass another creature, going from a single target to all within close distance of that target, or all those within short distance etc.. The barrier also halts all non-physical magical effects from crossing as well, so it is an absolute defense versus spiritual blasts, mental domination and the like. When enacted as a full rite the circle prevents physical movement and attacks as well, as a Defense 14 wall. Breaching the wall does not overcome the absolute barrier to non-physical magical effects, but it does allow non-spirits trapped inside to step out of the area of effect.

Consecration (Blessing)
AC: 5/10 TN: 1/2
Range: None (protects the premises or an area of Resolve in yards of radius)
Duration: Instant
When enacted as a prayer, this rite causes all supernatural enemies within short range of the channeler to make a Resolve + Discipline test versus TN 3 or run away. Extra successes on the roll increase the test TN by 1 per 2 extra successes achieved. When enacted as a full ritual, the area becomes suffuse with an aura opposed to enemies of the power that consecrates the land. This has the effect of preventing supernatural enemies from breaching the aura unless they succeed at a Resolve + Discipline test versus TN 3. Even if successful, supernatural enemies must make all actions as Diminished while they are on consecrated ground. Mundane enemies which breach the protection area suffer a -1D penalty to all actions instead. Allied supernatural creatures which serve similar powers to the channeler gain a +1D bonus. Although, any supernatural creature must overcome the TN 3 Discipline + Resolve test anew to attack the channeler directly or indirectly whether he is inside the aura or not. When enacted with extra successes the full rite doubles the radius of influence per success, creating a radius of the channeler’s Resolve in yards if necessary. Creatures that break through a consecrated boundary are not forced to test again that day, even if the consecration is recast on the same spot. Objects can be consecrated as well, which either provides a +2 damage bonus versus the same sorts of creatures the barrier keeps out, or it can make a blessing permanent. See the rules on Artifice for how this process works.

Curse (Smiting)
AC: 5/8 TN: 2/3
Range: Medium
Duration: Instant/Sustained
When enacted as a prayer this rite gives the target -1D penalty to their next action, not reaction. Extra successes do not affect the game mechanics, but if the target rolls a number of 1s the interpretation of their marginal success or failure could be more dire. When enacted as a full rite it afflicts the target with poor luck for a length of time. The target becomes cursed with a -1D penalty which manifest on all actions they take (not reactions). Extra successes achieved when performing this rite often extend the curse for longer periods of time. The GM is free to state that the penalty only applies to a specific skill group. It is possible to use this full rite to deconsecrate land or to spoil crops, make water less than potable, weaken structures and so forth. The former resists with the die pool of the channeler who consecrated the space, the latter effects are unresisted.

Divine Hand (Smiting)
AC: 3/8 TN: 2
Range: Touch
Duration: Instant/Sustained
The channeler gifts their weapon with a charge of divine energy, which causes their next successful attack to do 2 extra damage. Extra successes increase the damage, with 2 successes adding 1, and 4 or more successes adding 2. When enacted as a full rite the channeler gains the benefit of 3 extra damage for the remainder of the scene. Again, extra successes equal extra damage with the same ratios. This bonus damage is doubled against enemy supernatural creatures.

Divine Healing (Blessing)
AC: 8/20 TN: 1/2
Range: Touch
Duration: Instant
When performed as a prayer this rite floods the subject with energy designed to remove wounds. Success heals all Injuries immediately and removes the Wounded status (or stages Critical down to Wounded). Extra success also heals varying amounts of Wounds, with 2 successes healing 1 Wound, and 3 successes healing 2 Wounds. If you earn more than 3 successes while casting this prayer, they are ineffective. Characters using Divine Healing on the same subject more than once per scene suffer a cumulative -1D penalty for each subsequent casting, whether successful or not.

When performed as a full rite, this suffuses the target’s body with healing energies. Success heals all Injuries and 1 Wound, while removing Critical or Wounded status as well. Extra successes increase these effects with 2 extra successes healing 2 Wounds, and 3 or more extra success heals all Wounds.

Characters who are poisoned or diseased are instead healed of this ailment by the successful application of this rite, but any injuries, wounds and statues they have remain. The virulence of the Poison’s rank divided by 2 (plus 1 if using the prayer form) is the Resistance total the channeler must overcome to be effective in this instance. Any illness or disease which is acquired is eradicated by this rite, any illness or disease which is inherent to the subject is sent into remission.

Even this rite cannot undo a permanent impairment or old war wound. Only an intercession can do so.

Retribution (Smiting)
AC: 6/10 TN: 2/3
Range: Short
Duration: Instant
When performed as a prayer this rite assaults the target with 6 plus half the channeler’s Resolve (rounded down) in damage. Every 2 extra successes deal 1 extra damage. When performed as a full rite, it does 9 plus the channeler’s Resolve plus extra successes in damage. Enemies who are the target of this rite, in either form, subsequent times during a scene gain a cumulative +1D bonus to resist each time they are subjected to it again.

When performing the rite the channeler can choose divine energy, or a physical manifestation of the damage. A physical manifestation always appears to belong to their deity or bonded realms’s associations. Divine energies ignore physical armor, but not magical defenses. Physical manifestations of lightning, fire, or thunder deal 3 extra damage, but do not automatically ignore physical armor. Lightning for example ignores metal armor, while thunder ignores physical armor for living creatures but affects non-living enemies as if their armor were valid. Other manifestations must be adjudicated on a case by case basis.

Example, Zero, with his Resolve of 4 prays retribution on a monster. He rolls 4 successes, 2 more than he needed. This deals 9 Damage to his target. If he had performed the full rite it would have done 14 Damage instead. If this was a lightning bolt out of the blue, it would have been 12 and 16 damage respectively.

Note: Divine Energy is not the same thing as magic, and it only bypasses Invulnerability on a case by case basis. Spirit invulnerability which is overcome with magic is often overcome by divine energy as well. Living elemental creature invulnerability is often not bypassed, nor are the invulnerabilities of most potent supernatural creatures such as dragons and the like.

Summoning (Exorcism)
AC: 8/20 TN: 3
Range: Close
Duration: Instant
When performed as a prayer this rite calls an entity to his current location. The channeler has a choice of summoning a non-sentient creature from his current realm or a spirit from a specified realm. He has very little choice however about what type of animal would show up. If this rite is successful, an animal or spiritual entity is brought and appears within a few yards of the caster.

Physical creatures have to cross the intervening space to reach the channeler once called, but their movement is sped up to 4 times normal until they arrive. They enjoy the same speed when returning to their place of origin once their business with the channeler is over. The creature is predisposed to obey the adept’s wishes, but it is not required to do anything it would consider against its nature as it has no Compulsion Tokens from the effects of this rite. Extra successes either mean the adept calls a more loyal spirit, which is willing to protect the caster without being asked, or the caster’s choice is taken into account.

When performed as a full ritual this rite allows the channeler to call a specific entity or type of entity. This can be used to commune with the spirits of the dead, bargain with the departed to reanimate their own corpses, or summon a previously friendly entity for repeat service. It can also be used to summon animals as mounts or warriors. The entity summoned is also quite a bit more predisposed to help the channeler.

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