Mystara Compendium Miscellanea

You can’t have an advanced bestiary without formerly living monstrosities. So the Lich caps this 2 part series of undead creatures. AD&D fans take note, Mystaran Liches don’t have phylacteries, and can originate from clerics as well as wizards. These facts don’t make them any less horrifying when encountered.

Lich Grade A

Undead Humanoid
Defense varies, AR 0, Enchanted, Spell Resistance +2
Immunities Cold, Electricity, Mental, Poison, Alteration, Charm and Sleep effects
Vulnerabilities Bludgeoning Damage
Health varies, Mana 88-148, Speed varies
Senses Dark Vision ∞ (-1 in light)
Base creature plus +3 Constitution, +1 Cunning, +1 Dexterity, +1 Magic, +3 Strength, +2 Willpower
Melee Fist +Dexterity (1d6+Strength)
Ranged Arcane Lance +Magic (1d6+Magic, 16 yards) if mage
Favored Stunts: Lightning Attack and Imposing Spell.
Weapon Groups: As Cleric or Mage
Talents: Entropy Magic (M) or Shadow Magic (M), plus another Magic talent (M) and a Specialization talent (M)
Enervating Touch [Necrotic]: Whenever a lich touches a character with intent to harm, wether its physical attack deals damage or not, the character suffers 3 penetrating damage.
Horrifying Appearance [Mental]: Characters who look upon the form of the lich must succeed at a Willpower (Courage) test : TN 16 or run as if failing a morale check. This power has no effect again within 24 hours.
Spells (15+): Arcane or Divine, has the Spellpower and spells of a 15th – 19th level caster with its talents. In terms of number of spells, typically this is 8-10 for a divine caster or 10-12 for an arcane caster.
Touch Attack [Paralysis]: Any living creature struck by a lich must make a Willpower (Self-Discipline) test versus the lich’s Spellpower. Those who fail fall prone and are paralyzed for 2d6-1 days. While paralyzed they appear to be dead on first glance.
Equipment: Various magic items, typically a staff or magic weapon, two rings and an amulet.

A lich is an undead spellcaster, but of one particularly suited to the desires of a powerful mage or cleric.  The character who seeks to become a lich is a master of their field, (a mage has Magic 5 and a cleric has Magic 3 and Willpower 4), and turns to evil necromancy as a way to extend their lifespan in order to amass further power, avoid an undesirable fate after death, or to complete some mission. The power of the ritual is such that even a good character will become cruel after they rise from the dead. If a good character chooses to become a lich to protect something for eternity, they will adopt the most aggressive means of protection possible. The selfish or psychotic who undergo the ritual become cold and calculating but no less pure evil. All liches are singular creatures, even more so than vampires because of their inherent variability and thus there is no standard statistics block provided.

Becoming a Lich

  • Increase Cunning by 1, Constitution by 3, Dexterity by 1, Magic by 1, Strength by 3, and Willpower by 2.
  • Gain the Stamina focus for Constitution and the Morale focus for Willpower
  • Gain the powers, special defenses, and vulnerabilities of a Lich.
  • Gain Fist attack damage of 1d6 instead of 1d3.
  • Gain 30 Health.

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