Sis’thik & Xytar Lizard

Mystara Compendium Miscellanea

Mystara is an unusual world setting for D&D in that it has many lizardfolk type races, but they all use different statistics and have different cultures. From the Wallara to the Sis’thik, there was a lizardman for every region, for every encounter. I’ve included their firebreathing lizard mounts, the xytar, as a bonus.

Sis’thik Grade D

Defense 13, AR 2
Immunities Fire (Half)
Health 25, Speed 10
+0 Communication
+2 Constitution
-1 Cunning
+0 Dexterity (Light Blades, Stealth)
+0 Magic
+1 Perception
+1 Strength (Intimidation)
+1 Willpower
Melee Short Sword +2 (1d6+3), Bite +0 (1d3+1)
Ranged Short Bow +0 (1d6+2, 16/32 yards)
Favored Stunts: Lightning Attack and Seize the Initiative.
Weapon Groups: Bows, Brawling, Light Blades and Spears
Talents: Weapon and Shield Style (N)
Desert Adaptation: Sis’thik never suffer penalties due to desert conditions, nor damage from sunstroke, or sand inhalation.
Desert Camouflage: Others suffer a -3 penalty to notice Sis’thik that are hiding while unmoving in desert environments.
Equipment: Medium Shield, Scimitar, Short Bow

Sis’thik are nomadic lizardlike humanoids that live in desert environments. They are a proud race led by the females in a matriarchal tribal monarchy, with the males, who are often considered slow mentally and physically, doing menial chores and looking after animals while the females do all the practical tasks, lead and fight. They are completely adapted to life in a sandswept environment, with thick leathery tan colored skin, nostrils which can seal to keep out dust and transparent films over their eyes that protect them from sandstorms. Sis’thik speak their own language but also know a smattering of human tongues from the caravans that come through their territory.

Sis’thik tribes claim select areas of the desert landscape for their own, and will even build mud brick structures near oases and other strategically placed desert features. When it comes to non-Sis’thik crossing the desert they consider the entire desert to belong to them, and only lavish gifts of metal objects, wine and gems will cause them to grant safe passage across the desert. Each tribe must be placated separately, so smart caravan leaders carry plenty of gifts to avoid confrontations. However, no amount of gifts will sooth the wounded pride if the Sis’thik catch people using their structures.

These fierce warriors often tame and breed xytar lizards. When encountered in battle, two warriors will ride each xytar, with the driver wielding a spear like a cavalry rider, and the passenger attacking with a bow. Very occasionally a sis’thik queen will make an alliance or swear allegiance to a blue dragon, and they will work together to claim treasure and glory, the dragon looking for treasure more specifically. Sis’thik are too proud to bow to slavery, so in instances where dragons have sought to enslave them they have fought to the death.

Xytar Grade D

Defense 11, AR 5
Immunities Fire
Health 45,  Speed 10
-1 Communication
+3 Constitution
-2 Cunning
+1 Dexterity (Bite)
+1 Magic
+0 Perception
+4 Strength
+1 Willpower
Melee Bite +3 (1d6+4)
Favored Stunts: Lightning Attack and Skirmish.
Flame Blast [Fire]: As Flame Blast spell [Dexterity (Acrobatics) : TN 13] 2d6+1 (1d6+1) damage.

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