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End of Year Update

As I think about what I’ve been working on over the last year I realize that I haven’t been very forthcoming with my goals, so I’ll outline what I want to accomplish in 2016. There may not be another post before January, so this is going to be a bit longer than a simple note. Read the rest of this entry


Alloy Primer: Revisions

I did some testing and I found that I thought the main task resolution for Alloy was a bit dry. In other words, it was tried and true but there weren’t as many moments where everyone might crowd around the table to see the results of a single critical roll. So I revised it at the 11th hour, and am now incorporating that into my rules draft. For the most part costs have changed, but statistics have not. This means that I expect not to have to redo statistics endlessly, so I’m not pushed back from releasing things quite as badly as I could be with a more total overhaul. Read the rest of this entry

Question from the Ether: OD&D via Fantasy Age

I still haven’t gotten and read the Fantasy Age rules, but I got a question about running mystara/original d&d modules using my adaptation / Fantasy Age. Read the rest of this entry