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Seven Realms: Bestial Humanoids

One of my goals for Champions of the Seven Realms is create a set of standards for most non-human races. Whether they are considered top shelf alternates to humans or not, they have to have history in the world, something unique about them which separates them from the other races at least somewhat, and they have to be playable templates for characters. Read the rest of this entry

End of Year Update

As I think about what I’ve been working on over the last year I realize that I haven’t been very forthcoming with my goals, so I’ll outline what I want to accomplish in 2016. There may not be another post before January, so this is going to be a bit longer than a simple note. Read the rest of this entry


Mystara Compendium Miscellanea

While the AC2 was supposed to be for more dangerous creatures overall, it also was meant to house creatures that are found in environments heroes rarely venture into before 10th level, such as under the sea. So the Devilfish, chaotic sentient aquatic life with supernatural abilities and the likelihood of advancing to a more dangerous spell slinging stage is presented below. Read the rest of this entry