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Old West in Shadows: Chupacabra

The goat eating Chupacabra, is a native beast of Mexico and the American Southwest, as they are found in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico as well. The creature resembles nothing more than a miniature dinosaur, of the raptor variety. It has large back legs, a long tail, short forearms which are useful mostly for grabbing on to prey, and a snout. It differs from the image of the aforementioned dinosaur in that its neck is short and wide rather than long and sinuous, and its forelimbs bear vicious talons at least asĀ formidableĀ as its sharp teeth. Few have ever seen one as they are nocturnal creatures, and pride privacy even when invading the areas staked out by men. Read the rest of this entry

Big Book of Nasties-AGE: Relentless Ravager

A Relentless Ravager is a demon that hunts mortals or greater prey. It considers itself honorable, and thus will not use all of its netherworld powers on its subject, only its raw skill and sinew and a handful of weapons it carries: a huge, curved blade it wields one-handed, and darts carrying adrenalin activated paralytic poison it brews by hand in the underworld a few days before the hunt.

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Big Book of Nasties-AGE: Mothman

The Mothmen are monstrous creatures, some believe children of a long forgotten god that has abandoned Earth. They resemble humanoid moths. Well, they appear to be creatures with insect-like wings, four sets of legs that dangle from a too-thin torso and main body, with spindly arms that end in wicked claws. Their heads have large solid black eyes, antennae, and mandibles.

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