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Broken Trust: Smoke and Mirrors

So Shadows and Magicians are two of the most reliable Hellbreeds, some you would love to have at your back, as long as they know what to do that is.

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Broken Trust: Saints and Summoners

At their cores, there is one big difference between a Padre, or a saint if you can bring yourself to wrap your mouth around the word, and a sorcerer. Selflessness versus Selfishness. A Padre asks, even begs for help from the Big Man, never gets any guidance and has to take the minor miracles as evidence that she is doing something right. A Sorcerer demands help from angels or demons, can communicate with them directly and knows that they did everything right if they survive the encounter. Even an angel canĀ chastiseĀ a mortal who demands an audience and ignores some minor form of the ritual. The big difference is that the padre asks for help and is disappointed if none is forthcoming, while a sorcerer attempts to exert control over the supernatural party and is angry if no bargain is reached. Read the rest of this entry

Broken Trust: The Map

So, with the advent of demonic occupation or destruction of major sections of the world, one would wonder what the world looks like now. Well, North America is divided up into roughly 7 territories, and the rest is wilderness. Every time humans grouped together and created a New Hope, Refuge or Bastion they were targeted, often within a month of the fortifications being finalized. Then the fort fell and the survivors were scattered to the winds yet again. Each Demon Overlord holds one of these territories, they rarely travel far outside of them and they aren’t partial to sharing as a rule, but they are demons so this is more a careful observation rather than predictable behavior. We know a few of the names the demons call these Hells on Earth, but not all because very few of the overlords deign to speak to the cattle they keep around. Instead we either call them what they were known as before, or we renamed them.

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