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The Long Shadows Arise Soon

This is just a little update about Eternal Shadows. I’m well on the way to finishing the core book by the first week of October. When I think about what I work on in my spare time, I wonder how that’s even possible, but it’s close to being ready for me to show to the world.

My next task will probably be to finish an unrelated project for AGE, and then start churning out Big Book of Nasties entries, for use with Eternal Shadows. Both the ones already on the site, and the sick things swimming around in the back of my head.

I also have one adventure I’m working on cleaning up for Eternal Shadows, and a setting book. I have no ETA for the setting book, but I work on it for my own use primarily and when it’s ready it’ll be shared. I’ve asked friends to send me horror scenarios to translate for Eternal Shadows, so I figure I’d open it up to others as well.

If you send me a horror scenario, I’ll drop in Eternal Shadows adversaries, and Fear tests, send it back to you for approval and then format it after that. If it’s pre-written you don’t even have to strip out stats or system information. I probably have what I need to translate TNs on my bookshelf.