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Seven Realms: Drawing the Map

I’ve talked a bit about the Seven realms in abstract and concrete terms. I’ve listed the reasons why certain fantasy staples are rare or nonexistent in my world. Now I’m going to talk about the countries somewhat, draw back the curtain if you will, and explain what themes govern the nations of the campaign. Here I’m not going to talk about internal logic or verisimilitude. I had certain goals and I set out to fulfill them.

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Seven Realms: The Weight of History

Lots of fantasy worlds attempt to build a history, or at least the sense of history. They start with the big bad of the piece, add some ambitions of lesser beings to thwart on the side, and then they step back to figure out how things got this way to begin with. The problem is, that most of the time, unless there are a cadre of writers on deck, this historical wondering stops at the kingdom border. Read the rest of this entry

Qadir: The Zahanim

This is the last of the bulk of what I had prepared for this world. I might revisit it, and lay out the plot points of my own game. I feel it has the most value as an example of how you can turn conventional campaign sacred cows on their head and make something new without really having to work that hard at it.

Everyone knows of the Imperial Republic of Zahanim, it is the invading force that seeks to impose order on the region. The Zahanim homeland is across the sea far to the northwest, and rumored to be a nation that stretches over hundreds of territories and city-states. Little is known about the Republic outside of these shores, but they function with governors here. Each conquered city-state is ruled by said governor, supported by a small standing army and a class of elite civilians, who being Elves may or may not be potent fighting forces. Read the rest of this entry