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Game Design: Guts and Reversal

I’ve mentioned Guts before, but now it’s time to get a bit deeper. Guts represents the character’s pool of inner power. I’m not talking about supernatural ability, I’m talking about determination. By now you¬†already¬†know that Guts can be bid on top of any Action or Reaction in order for the character to succeed. Guts can also be used to soak damage on a one-to-one basis. Lastly, some powers will be constructed that require Guts to use at all. This is about cost savings more than genre appropriateness, but the option is there.

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Game Design: Health, Spirit and Resistances

Characters have Resource Pools, and Guts. They have factors composed of predefined super-maneuvers to accomplish actions. So what happens when you are up against another character? Then your Health, Spirit and Resistances come into play. Every character has Health, a measure of how much physical damage they can take, and Spirit, a measure of how much emotional/spiritual damage they can take. When you go too far negative into Health you are Incapacitated. When you go super negative into Spirit, you are Depressed. Read the rest of this entry

Game Design: Gimmicks, Props and Vehicles

So by now we’ve covered how characters are able to function. I feel as if I need to address the atmospheric window dressing in most games. What do you do when someone with martial training picks up a sword from an opponent after escaping from prison? Well, the sword is useful to as great a degree as the character’s own weapon. If he is a swordsman, it is obviously just as useful as his own blade! That makes sense. The swordsman has a Factor with Props as a drawback, so he can use it just fine with another version of his chosen prop.

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