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Alloy: Combat part 4

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While Alloy is a tactical game, it is based on time, rather than position. The game doesn’t use a grid, it uses relative positioning instead. Rather than having every character represented on a map, the Game Master only worries about how far characters are apart from one another. Unless you have a ranged weapon or a reach weapon, you must move into engaged distance to physically attack. Reach weapons can attack enemies in Close range, but without the requirement of becoming engaged. Read the rest of this entry


Alloy: Combat part 3

Alloy LogoWeapons, Maneuvers and Damage

As you can guess, combo isn’t just a term in the Alloy system. It refers to a grouping of individual actions which gain an AC bonus, making the actions take less time. This occurs because the overall action is longer. For example, you can engage an opponent, and then later on, (immediately even), swing a sword at that opponent. Or you can Charge them and save yourself a phase by committing up front. Read the rest of this entry

Alloy: Combat part 2

Alloy LogoAside from basic actions such as Shoot or Hit, there are standard maneuvers characters may attempt which add capabilities. You want to remove someone’s weapon? Use a Disarm maneuver. You want to aim a sweeping attack at multiple people? Use an Arcing Strike. You want to knock them prone? Use a Trip maneuver. You want to sweep the legs out from an entire group of opponents at once? Use an Arcing Trip combination. Read the rest of this entry