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Adventure Trove: Birthrights 102

Each of the elements has a theme of manifestation when it comes to elemental talents. Today I am going to show some of the powers of the Red and Green Elements. While the Red Element encompasses fire and flame, it also manifests as lightning and has the theme of energy. The Green Element is all about plants, but its theme is also the acceleration or circumvention of time. Briefly, the themes of the other elements are Yellow (Eternal Form), Blue (Chaos in Nature), Black (Deception and Decay) and White (Life and Truth). Read the rest of this entry

Daring Adventures Announcement


So I’ve done enough work to declare my house game engine to be viable for public consumption. What that means is that I am likely to post a beta, or competing betas, and begin posting stats for 9Worlds using Daring Adventures, rather than the game systems I have been up to now. As I have time, I will attempt to convert stats so that nobody is left behind, but I have to make it clear that in some ways the settings of the 9 Worlds Project are designed to showcase this new system.

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Game Design: Guts and Reversal

I’ve mentioned Guts before, but now it’s time to get a bit deeper. Guts represents the character’s pool of inner power. I’m not talking about supernatural ability, I’m talking about determination. By now you¬†already¬†know that Guts can be bid on top of any Action or Reaction in order for the character to succeed. Guts can also be used to soak damage on a one-to-one basis. Lastly, some powers will be constructed that require Guts to use at all. This is about cost savings more than genre appropriateness, but the option is there.

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