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Ascension Agenda: Post-Human Alliance

The human mind embedded behind the unblinking eye of the camera. Unstoppable. Ubiquitous. Unreal.

Post-Human Alliance
The Post-Human Alliance is a group of scientists and government researchers, and upper management bent on freeing the human mind from its captivity in flesh and putting it into mechanical forms of their choice. If successful they can begin the war for total evolution of the race with metal soldiers who can never be stopped, only slowed down. Read the rest of this entry

Ascension Agenda: Ubermen

A higher order of man born in labs, and ruling from the shadows.

The Ubermen
The Ubermen were created in top secret laboratories scattered across the world. Test subjects were engineered, born and weaned in batches. Those that surpassed expectations were eventually grouped together at the adolescent stage and given training. Those at the head of the project were astonished to see their pupils flourishing at all assigned tasks, gaining academic accolades and accomplishments years ahead of their time. Read the rest of this entry

Ascension Agenda: The Evolved

The Alpha Corporation hides the Evolved better than any government coverup ever could.

The Evolved
In the deadlock of the cold war, an aspect of the soviet government began earnestly researching the abilities of the mind. They were especially motivated with the publicized demonstrations of Uri Geller. The KGB funded the initiative and when the populations of the Soviet states were scoured for those with ability and less than one hundred people were found, they turned to other means. Read the rest of this entry