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Alloy Primer: Revisions

I did some testing and I found that I thought the main task resolution for Alloy was a bit dry. In other words, it was tried and true but there weren’t as many moments where everyone might crowd around the table to see the results of a single critical roll. So I revised it at the 11th hour, and am now incorporating that into my rules draft. For the most part costs have changed, but statistics have not. This means that I expect not to have to redo statistics endlessly, so I’m not pushed back from releasing things quite as badly as I could be with a more total overhaul. Read the rest of this entry

Game Design Interlude

Sometimes I work on game systems because I have a strong urge. I.e. I have an itch I want to scratch, and I think I can produce a take on the idea which feeds that urge. At other times I get inspired by a story, a previous body of work, or a setting I am rolling around in my mind. Let me explain what I mean and discuss a little of what I’m working on right now.

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Adventure Trove: Exploits Redux

I’ve made several fundamental changes to how the game engine works, usually to streamline things. One of the features which got changed the most was Exploits. This was for multiple reasons: abolishing inherent limitations of the old subsystem, difficulty in maintaining equity forĀ opponents, and removing randomness.

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