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These Idyllic States: The Growing Akvossan Threat

Akvossan FlagOverview: Akvoss, pronounced Awkwasse, is an Empire that grew out of the royals of Germany taking a firmer grip of the nation’s direction and choosing a new name for the newly unified German State. It is a new nation with old hands directing it, consequently slights that seemed to have been forgiven towards the traditional monarchies of the old country are being tabulated, and the whole of Europe is now a spymaster’s paradise, thanks to the stepped up espionage efforts of the Akvossan Secret Police.

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These Idyllic States: Dr. Odd’s Creations

Lazarus Men

The Lazarus Men are a scientific marvel. They are corpses brought back to an ambulatory state and capable of making decisions once again. Effectively they are given life via a combination of chemicals and energy application. What Dr. Odd refers to as Mark I Lazarus Men are little more than shambling corpses. They go down and stay down if sufficient trauma affects the body. Mark II Lazarus Men can effectively think, but not with the same facility that a normal human has. They are also slow and clumsy to an extent. Mark III Lazarus Men, whose bodies need to be killed by the conversion process itself, are effectively low-grade humans. They are still slow, but they can undertake complex tasks and think for themselves. Unlike the other variants, Mark IIIs can heal minor injuries if they put enough thought to it. Physically they do not require air, water or food, and their bodies show no signs of standard decay. It is possible that they could live for centuries before they deteriorated to a point analogous to death.

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These Idyllic States: Dr. Odd, Portrait of a Mad Man

Dr. Odd

History: Dr. Abraham Odd, PhD. is an American by birth, raised in the state of New York, and was exposed to higher learning at a young age when he toured the greatest universities in the country with his father, Nicholas Odd. Nicholas was a gentleman, but his fortune was failing. He saw a means by which his bright son, Abraham, might resurrect the family name and fortune.

By the age of 16, Abraham was enrolled in prestigious Yale, and by 17 he had transferred to Harvard, and then ending up finishing school at Cambridge in 1855 at the age of 22. Something about his travels abroad inspired Abraham, and the young man took up a teaching position at the University of Rochester. In 1863, he became the center of a media circus, as he revealed that he had discovered a method by which tuberculosis could be made dormant in infectious subjects.

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