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Alloy Primer: Revisions

I did some testing and I found that I thought the main task resolution for Alloy was a bit dry. In other words, it was tried and true but there weren’t as many moments where everyone might crowd around the table to see the results of a single critical roll. So I revised it at the 11th hour, and am now incorporating that into my rules draft. For the most part costs have changed, but statistics have not. This means that I expect not to have to redo statistics endlessly, so I’m not pushed back from releasing things quite as badly as I could be with a more total overhaul. Read the rest of this entry

Alloy: Sorcery Part 3

Alloy LogoThaumaturgy

Thaumaturgy is a magical skill in manipulating magic itself. It is overall harder to perform than most other schools of sorcery, in that most of them have beginner spells which are limited, and can be overpowered, but are easy. All of Thaumaturgy’s effects can be upgraded, in some cases substantially, but none of them is less than moderate in difficulty. However, that difficulty lends itself to power. Many other sorcery paths can dampen or end spell effects and magic they are all or nothing affairs and never certain. Only Thaumaturgy absorbs the effect regardless of what it is, dampening the effect even if it isn’t canceled. Only Thaumaturgy scales from slowly levitating the caster to levitating the entire group, or swift flight. Most of the Thaumaturgist’s spells are very versatile and require more adjudication than other paths, but that also makes them some of the most powerful. Again, this is only tiers 1 through 3 of spells. Read the rest of this entry

Alloy: Sorcery Part 2

Alloy LogoElementalism

Elementalism is the magical art of creating quantities of the elements and shaping them to the caster’s will. The four elements of this form of sorcery do not match the recognized elements of the natural world, but this form of magic is often one of the oldest known in any world, and possesses the weight of antiquity. Because it can have such incredible visible effects, Elementalism is often seen as a sign of power. Note, while the full path progression is written out below, only the first 4 tiers of spells are defined. Read the rest of this entry