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Realmstorm (Swashbuckling Pulp Science Fantasy)

Way back in 2005, I got carried away working on a campaign for Savage Worlds. It started as me gazing at a cover for a Raymond Feist novel and ended up being about 70 pages worth of material. I ran a few sessions of the campaign, and then put it aside. Since then I’ve probably shamelessly stolen names and concepts from my own work a dozen times, but as I was perusing my hard drive for something to work on I thought about it again.

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Eternal Shadows

This day is always a good one to arrive at. It’s release day. Below you will find links for Eternal Shadows, my horror genre rules supplement for the Adventure Game Engine, as well as a custom character sheet. As mentioned previously here, I have a few more things coming, one much sooner than the others. Keep your eyes peeled. You can subscribe to the RSS feed, or click notify below if you want to hear about every post as it’s made.


Eternal Shadows Core Book
Character Sheet

From the Vault: Savage Warcraft Character Sheet

I created this character sheet in 2005. It is a one-page sheet with a full color and black and white version in the same file. Consequently, it is a large PDF (3 mb).

Mike McCall created the following document in 2004, before World of Warcraft was really defined. I found a link to it on the Savage Heroes site.

Updated link added 6/11/13.