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AGE: Mystics for Mystara

Mystic coverIt’s release day once again. I’m proud to release this micro-supplement. Given the subject matter, and just to clarify: original dungeons and dragons referred to the class this supplement is based upon as mystics, not monks, I am sure that some of you are expecting an entire volume worth of information about mystic orders, notes about immortals versus philosophy etc. Well, sorry. I don’t have enough material to flesh that out, so I’m just offering the skeleton today.

Mystics for AGE is a supplement intended to adapt and update the Mystic Class, cross-referenced against actual monk orders such as the Shaolin of China. So, this isn’t a 1 to 1 conversion of the Mystic, nor of the D&D (any edition) monk. It is however a class which I think fits the needs quite well to represent such characters from the world, as Mystara does occasionally mention them in the fluff, and to serve as a basis for any other game with similar warriors. Read the rest of this entry


Crimson Reunion for Eternal Shadows

As promised, and right on time for your Halloween gaming pleasure, I present a short adventure entitled Crimson Reunion.


Crimson Reunion v1


From the Vault: Mystara the Known World for AGE

Roughly a year ago, in January of 2011 I released my fan created project: Mystara the Known World, a core supplement for using the Dragon Age Roleplaying Game books and the AGE system to play in the old TSR era Original Dungeons & Dragon setting. As I have just put the final touches on the first Adversary Compendium, I figured I should ensure that there is a link on the blog directly to the file you kind of need to make use of the adversary statistics. Read the rest of this entry