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From the Vault: Mystara the Known World for AGE

Roughly a year ago, in January of 2011 I released my fan created project: Mystara the Known World, a core supplement for using the Dragon Age Roleplaying Game books and the AGE system to play in the old TSR era Original Dungeons & Dragon setting. As I have just put the final touches on the first Adversary Compendium, I figured I should ensure that there is a link on the blog directly to the file you kind of need to make use of the adversary statistics. Read the rest of this entry


From the Vault: Mortal Magics

Back in 2004, there were two White Wolf Storytelling games. Vampire: the Requiem, and World of Darkness, i.e. playing mortals. There just wasn’t any provision for humans who could do magic, even as antagonists. So you could crib things together based on them being like a vampire, or you could handwave it all away. I had decided around that time that I wanted something more. Read the rest of this entry

From the Vault: Savage Warcraft Character Sheet

I created this character sheet in 2005. It is a one-page sheet with a full color and black and white version in the same file. Consequently, it is a large PDF (3 mb).

Mike McCall created the following document in 2004, before World of Warcraft was really defined. I found a link to it on the Savage Heroes site.

Updated link added 6/11/13.