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Adversary Compendium Preview: Aranea

The Adversary Compendium, at least the first one, is designed for lower level play while including some challenging creatures for higher level groups. Today’s preview is definitely on the lower end of the scale, but the deceptive nature of the creatures make them excellent adversaries for most levels of group. This one is a Mystaran staple, but they were made universal in 3rd & 4th Edition. Without further preamble, I give you the mystical arachnid, the Aranea. Read the rest of this entry


Adversary Compendium Preview: Wight

It’s time once again to deliver a preview of a creature from the upcoming Adversary Compendium I am working on for Mystaran AGE. This time, it’s a form of undead, but not the mindless horrors that stalk the night such as skeletons and zombies. It’s the Wight, corpse hijacker extraordinaire. Read the rest of this entry

Adversary Compendium Preview: Beholder

Every few weeks or so, I’ll post a monster writeup from the Adversary Compendium that I’m working on. These are separate from the promised Friday updates, but will occur concurrently when I do them. I may make errors in translating from my shorthand format back to standard Dragon Age format, so prepare for updates as we go. That said, without further¬†adieu, the extraordinary¬†party killer, the Beholder. Read the rest of this entry