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Crimson Reunion for Eternal Shadows

As promised, and right on time for your Halloween gaming pleasure, I present a short adventure entitled Crimson Reunion.


Crimson Reunion v1



Broken promises and new offerings

I had planned to do so much more for Eternal Shadows, but as I have not devoted much time to it this year this is as it will be. However, I am working on a short adventure which I hope to have ready in time for Halloween. Here’s the teaser:

Remember when…

  • Daniel Eubanks fell off the stage during the debate competition?
  • Marty Fieldman lost her hat when the tuba section snuck up on her?
  • Eric Styles lost his glasses out the window of the bus on the senior year field trip?

If you don’t remember, maybe you should make time for our 10th year reunion.

Crimson Reunion, an adventure for Eternal Shadows.

Old West in Shadows: Chupacabra

The goat eating Chupacabra, is a native beast of Mexico and the American Southwest, as they are found in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico as well. The creature resembles nothing more than a miniature dinosaur, of the raptor variety. It has large back legs, a long tail, short forearms which are useful mostly for grabbing on to prey, and a snout. It differs from the image of the aforementioned dinosaur in that its neck is short and wide rather than long and sinuous, and its forelimbs bear vicious talons at least as formidable as its sharp teeth. Few have ever seen one as they are nocturnal creatures, and pride privacy even when invading the areas staked out by men. Read the rest of this entry